Fish Gasping After Medicine Put In.

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by ColmC, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. ColmCValued MemberMember

    hey could I have some help please.

    I noticed a couple of my cories had some fin rot so added medicine 2 days ago - ntlabs.

    Since then all my platies are gasping for air and a couple of died already. These platies are ones I have bred. I think I may have too many in the tank with meds added and plants ?

    Would the meds deplete all oxygen? Stats all ok. Tank been running about 8 months

    Other fish are fine, mollies, rasbora and rummies.

    I have done a water change last night and just now , about 30 percent and this one was about 70 percent and put air tube on

    Have 2 filters in my 55 gallon.

    Why is it just the platies? A lot look on the edge of death!

    What do I do next ?

    Awful to loose so many of them when they just got to 3-4 months
  2. DanjamesdixonWell Known MemberMember

    What medicine?

  3. ColmCValued MemberMember

    Ntlabs number 9 fin rot and fungus

  4. LongIslandFishGuyValued MemberMember

    Could be many things. I would do 2 40-50% WCs and then retreat with the recommended dosage. Keep the air pump running, make sure the temperature in the tank is "normal" and stable. Have the water level low enough so that there's a gas exchange from the water out of the filter to the tank water. That would bring more oxygen into the water.

    I would double check the water parameters. What are some of the physical appearances of the fish that died?
  5. ColmCValued MemberMember

    Thanks , do you mean back to back water changes the same day?

    They are just gasping and then sitting at the bottom , look like they can’t breathe at all.
    No symptoms just gasping as were all fine 48 hours ago :(
    My filter like skims the surface of the water, ok I lower this.

    This is all since the meds !
  6. GuppyDazzleWell Known MemberMember

    First of all, I'd be careful about doing back-to-back drastic water changes. Water changes do stress fish. If you're sure the water is bad, maybe a 50% water change, then 25% daily, but 50% again and again is probably going to kill your fish.

    You said your cories had fin rot. Then your other fish showed signs of distress. I think it's more likely that your water parameters were not good to begin with, which won't be solved by dumping in chemicals. You said, "Stats all OK." To be honest, I see so many people saying, "The water's perfect," or "the parameters are good," then moving along not being at all concerned about the water quality. In most cases, the problem can be traced to water parameters. Don't be so quick to dismiss that as a possible cause.

    What are your actual parameters? How are you testing? How often do you do partial water changes and how much?
  7. ColmCValued MemberMember

    Thanks who knows

    I did 1 water change each day to get rid of the meds as I didn’t know it was this that caused the platies distress.

    I tested for ammonia last night and was zero

    I will do the other now, usually my nitrates are around 5-10.

    The cories rot is slight so maybe water changes will aid that too

    I usually do 2 changes a week as the platies multiplied so much !
  8. GuppyDazzleWell Known MemberMember

    Have you put in any recent additions? If so, I'd worry about ich, but don' t medicate unless you see the white spots. With ich the gills are often the first thing to be affected.

    If the nitrites and ammonia are at zero, and you've been doing frequent partial water changes, the oxygen levels shouldn't be choking out the platies. I assume you've been using water conditioner. Have you tested your tap water?
  9. DanjamesdixonWell Known MemberMember

    Medicines containing Formaldehyde (of which can be found in NT Labs no.9) can bind to, and reduce the Oxygen levels in the water - generally it's advised to run an airstone during medication to keep your Oxygen levels nominal. That could go someway to help explaining the gasping.
  10. bitseriouslyWell Known MemberMember

    Most meds can be neutralized by adding activated carbon or purigen in the filter. So doing water changes is not the only way to remove meds.
  11. ColmCValued MemberMember

    Thanks guys

    I have lowered the water level with the filter above the water level, my flow was a bit slower as filter media was a bit bunged up, washed that in tank water and did another water change. Not sure if the Meds with that depleted oxygen.

    Use conditioner yeah

    Lost a couple more platies, I think 4 now in total, some still look worst for wear but I think some look to be gasping slower. Platies not feeding though

    All other fish still not affected. Plec, mollies, rasbora and rummies

    Cories look better surprisingly. It's only 2 0ut of 12 that looked a little worse for wear in the first place

    I just keep doing this and hopefully some platies may make it through

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