Fish Found With Eyes Eaten?

  1. poochiramos Initiate Member

    Hello, I'm currently doing a fungus treatment on my tank, after 2 of my fish fell ill. A day later they are visibly doing better, but later this afternoon while doing a water change, I found one of my ballon mollies dead in the gravel. I was puzzled because this fish was very active yesterday and earlier today, and showed no signs of stress or illness. The weirdest part is that he had no eyes, all you could see is the little stem that connects the eye. I suspect my other ballon molly, because she would chase him every once in a while when he came too close. My black angelfish is the same way. But I've never seen them actually nip each other. What do you guys think?
  2. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    The eyes were most likely eaten after the fish was dead. Many fish will eat on dead fish if given the chance.
  3. poochiramos Initiate Member

    So do you think he died without symptoms?
  4. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    How long have you had him in the tank? What are the water parameters? Ammonia, nitrates, nitrites?
  5. bopsalot Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, something sounds like it's going on, something out of balance maybe. Check your parameters and post all of your aquarium info like temperature, parameters, tank size, inhabitants, etc
  6. poochiramos Initiate Member

    I got all my fish about a week ago. The PH was 8 a day ago with no ammonia, nitrates 30 and nitrites 2. I've done 2 water changes since then, going to buy the test kit when I go to my LFS in a week. They requested they do another water test in that time to give me more advice. Tank size 45 gal tall, with now 1 ballon mollie, 2 angels, 1 dwarf gourami, and 4 guppies. Doing a 40% water change tomorrow along with 2nd dose of fungus meds.