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    I can't get my sunfish so I'm going to breed bettas in my 40g breeder. Eventually they will go to their own 10g and I will do something else with the 40 but this is the plan for now. I have some platy in there but they are hanging at the surface and I think the oxygen is too low. I'm going to add the biowheel filter back on but it's only sized for a 20g and will be at one end of the tank so the bettas have a no surface flow area to breed. There is a small internal filter on that end. I plan to plant it but for now it just has some periwinkle (vinca minor) experiment. Eventually I'll have the money for an order off azgardens. I'm wondering what would work better in the tank than livebearers? What fish survive low oxygen and flow environments without bothering the bettas too much. Or other critters too? Will gladly take free applesnails to try out. I worry a little the bettas might pick on them too much. Especially the male when he's guarding a nest. I can move them if it doesn't work out.
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    Killifish would be one option, but I don't think they would do well with Bettas. Bettas are more of a solitary fish. You may be able to add something like a bristlenose pleco maybe.

    Also, I saw where you are looking at azgardens. I would do your research first, I have heard a lot of bad reviews from that site. I would suggest getting your plants from someone here on fishlore like myself or jetajockey 's website, They are a forum sponsor, have great selection, and great service. Probably much cheaper as well. To be able to look at the buy/sale/trade forum you need 50 posts so you are pretty close. But there is no post requirement to go to so check it out.
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    I've never had a problem with azgardens. There are several fish I'd like to get from them as well but it will be awhile. The only issue I have is their $35 minimum order when I would like to start with some cheap bulbs so I might find somewhere else for now. Pet stores and aquarium stores are far more expensive around here than azgardens though.
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    That is good for you that you haven't had any issues with them, but many people have. Here is a link to the Better Business Bureau where they receive an F rating due to numerous complaints that have been filed with the BBB. You will also find many other complaints on online forums such as this and other plant specific forums....

    I'm sure they sometimes get things right, but it seems like often they get things wrong.

    I agree that local places are usually expensive and poor quality. But you have many better alternatives available such as the buy/sale/trade forum here on fishlore and websites like

    If you are looking for specific, hard to find fish, I suggest checking out They are like ebay for all things aquatic. Just be sure to check over the rating of the seller, but most people on there are pretty reputable as you can read in their reviews on the site.