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Lovecich said:
What this thread tells me is that maybe it's not a good idea to buy the same fish food each time.
A varied diet is good because no one food has all the vitamins needed for healthy fish.

The chart above is also dishonest as anything not listed as "Meat" is categorized as "Filler (Grains)" which seems to have a stigma with most here thinking it's bad.




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Variety is key!

H2O Concierge

Here is the food. I don't know if I could be feeding them better, but it doesn't seem to go to waste. My community get frozen brine and Tetra Pro Crisps. I feed my Africans Ocean Nutrition which sinks fast, most doesn't make it to the substrate, the New Life Spectrum stays at the top a little longer and is smaller pellets. Of course for the carnivores I supplement with frozen mysis shrimp weekly.


Well my (bristolnose) pleco took one sniff of tetra algae wafer and ran the other way but the cory hung around for a while trying to figure out what it was.


There is a long article and a 5 star rating system for prepared foods .
Spoiler ; NONE got 5 stars !
I use one of the cheapest foods available .Not to be cheap but to get quantity and quality .
Most food the average keeper gets is in little packages like from a street level drug dealer. Shame on the fish industry again.
No fan of Omega at all and neither are my fish.All the 'top shelf' brands are way over priced.I get a 1/2 pound of food like NLS 1mm for about $3.

Flake food basically sucks for any nutritional value .Imagine a vitamin packed potato chip. Could you eat enough of them ? I know I could but ?
Honestly most will kill their fish through something much more delinquent than offering poor quality food IMO .

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