Fish food mess from Thief Bandit (raccoon )

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    momiji345 Valued Member Member

    I just had to to share this story ,I wish had took some picture of the crime seen but my mom was freaking out ) I had to clean it up >_< My reaction was more like (There goes my $7.00 and bottle of fish food ) ... Thief Bandit (raccoon )

    I was on my computer,and My dad just came home from work .He had chase a raccoon all way to the other side of the street with a garden rake .When he came in the house he saw that my box of aquarium stuff was on the flour .Nothing broken thank god.The worst damage was the raccoon bit the tin fish food ( there was couple of holes in it ) Plus alot fish flake food on the stair case and floor.I was petty shock it came in the house.I will give 10/10 for being a messy raccoon Thief Bandit ;-) Hope you enjoy my funny scrry story (p.s no fish was eaten ) I love aquarium lid ;-)
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    I feel your pain lol