Fish Feet Massage?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Junne, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. JunneFishlore LegendMember

    I've never heard anything like this...... Sounds really disgusting to me, AND for the fish involved. :stinkyfeet::stinkyfeet::stinkyfeet::stinkyfeet:

    Would YOU do it? Not for me, NO thanks~!

    Looks like they have locations all over the US.

  2. Mary765Fishlore VIPMember

    Yeah I've heard of them and seen them around in the UK.

    It's in my bucket list to things to do, just as an experience (I'm always seeking experiences it's just what I do), but I won't make it a regular thing :p

  3. FanaticFishlore VIPMember

    Yes, I would do it, but no I wouldn't.
    I am not afraid to do it, but I don't want to stick my feet into a container with bacteria from who knows what and where.

    I find it relaxing though.
    Just because you can, don't go sticking your feet into your fish tank, that's just... no :hilarious:

  4. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    I'ts technically cleansing and food for the fish, the main issue is they don't clean the bin between people, so only do it if you're okay with your feet being in foot water with bits of particles from 40 other people... ew

  5. CanadianFishFanWell Known MemberMember

    I wouldnt do it because im scared but because i dont want to hurt them or have them get chemicals from me.... Dont they like eat your dead skin? :/ yuck
  6. JunneFishlore LegendMember

    Me? I think its just another "fad" at the expense of fish................. :stinkyfeet::stinkyfeet::stinkyfeet::stinkyfeet::stinkyfeet:
  7. Mary765Fishlore VIPMember

    Well it's like those shrimp that clean your hands really, and those are widely accepted.
  8. PlatyloverFishlore VIPMember

    In all truth, someday I'm really hoping to have a large ground level tank for in-ground pond for these guys. I think it'd be so nice and relaxing to just be able to go and have a fish "massage" without worrying about whose feet where in there before you lol.
  9. CanadianFishFanWell Known MemberMember

    Get me a koi pond that i can sit in and swim with the koi. or betta fish
  10. PlatyloverFishlore VIPMember

    I don’t have enough money to get you that, and if I did I think I’d get one for me first lol:hilarious:
    I always thought a betta pond would be amazing as well, I’d likely want to get one species of wilds and let them breed. It’d be even better if I could get some of the endangered ones and hopefully help them with their numbers that way...
  11. CanadianFishFanWell Known MemberMember

    dreams! A huge betta sorority but even better a male sorority with wild bettas! PURE DREAMS, but i dont have like 2.5million dollar for this idea
  12. Mary765Fishlore VIPMember

    One of my Uncles has a huge koi/goldfish pond which is raised from the ground (with a glass panel window and lights so you can see underwater) about the length and width of a large Jacuzzi but it's a few metres deep.

    He built it himself and frankly I'm memorized by it :eek:
  13. CoradeeModeratorModerator Member

    It was very popular over here a few years back but few if any salons do it now.
  14. Mary765Fishlore VIPMember

    AHA!!! I knew I had a picture of it somewhere!! Here it is :D @CanadianFishFan

    Sorry for the dark image, it was taken at night!

    According to my auntie, he will sometimes sit on the edge with his feet in the water or even during warmer weather swim with them. They like being stroked :joyful:

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  15. Harvster10Valued MemberMember

    They use doctor fish
  16. DoubleDutchFishlore LegendMember gone nowadays.
  17. GoldiemomWell Known MemberMember

    My dog loves to lick my feet and even that grosses me out! I know where his tongue has been. lol
  18. DoubleDutchFishlore LegendMember

    Not seen that around here hahaha
  19. CanadianFishFanWell Known MemberMember

    omg with a huge viewing panel! That is everything:arghh:....

    screw it selling my hot tub (if i had one) and getting this instead.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 23, 2018
  20. Mary765Fishlore VIPMember

    My uncle is so lucky but he is also really well off so he can afford these sorts of amazing projects :sorry: I'm so jealous of him agh

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