Fish eggs?

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    We were cleaning our fish tank today and we noticed a bunch of fish eggs on the glass, in a corner of the tank, about halfway up. In our tank we have 2 angel fish, 2 dwarf guamis (sp?), 2 silver dollars, and three x-ray tetras. We have no clue which fish laid the eggs. Does anyone have an idea which it could have been? The eggs were very tiny, if that helps. Unfortunately when adding the water back in the tank the eggs fell into the gravel and we can't see them anymore. I noticed one of the angel fish right up on the eggs, maybe it ate them? We spoke with an employee at petsmart and she seemed to think it was the angel fish.

    From what I remember the eggs were clear. Does that mean they are fertilized? How can I tell if my other angel fish is a male? We bought both angel fish on the same day from petsmart. They were the same size and now one of the angel fish is 3x the size as the other one. Would that mean its a male?

    If the eggs are no good now because they fell, how long will it be until we get more eggs?

    Sorry, I'm so new to this. It was such a surprise. We thought all our fish were males.
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    Happen to get any pics before they were lost?
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    Unfortunately, no.
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    i can tell you what fish that was i was the angel fish they put their eggs on the places you are describing good luck
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    White eggs - bad egs. Clearish colored eggs - good eggs

    They were likely eaten.

    Was this their first spawn? If it was the angels they should likely spawn again soon. What size if your tank? Some of your fish would be a lot happier in larger schools.