Fish Eating Bottom Feeder Food.

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    mabobo94 New Member Member

    I'm new to fish lore and I have a 30 gal sorority tank that has 2 plecos in it. I feed all of the females separately so I know they're all getting fed, but recently 4 or 5 of them are getting bloated. I usually feed them a couple brine shrimp or 2 pellets each, but I found that the ones that are bloated are eating the sinking food I feed the plecos, I try to shoo them away so the plecos can eat but they always seem to take it. I don't know how to keep them away other than to just take them out all together them put them back in after they eat. I don't have any pictures right now but I will have some soon.
  2. kayla20johnson

    kayla20johnson Valued Member Member

    You could try a divider
  3. OP

    mabobo94 New Member Member

    Thank you, I can try to figure that out, except I have quite a few hiding places inside along with plants
  4. snowballPLECO

    snowballPLECO Valued Member Member

    My danios do the same. They'd rather eat the algae wafer/Shrimp pellets than eat their flake food now my bolivian ram eats the shrimp pellets too.. just feed your plecos at night
  5. OP

    mabobo94 New Member Member

    I've switched out the filter for a better one since I took these pictures, it was also a little cloudy from the substrate still. 0511181608.jpg IMG_20180510_230113_161.jpg 0510182248.jpg
  6. finnipper59

    finnipper59 Well Known Member Member

    For one, don't worry about the Plecos, they are one of the speices tha even though they seem peaceful, they will come get theirs regardless of what other fish are around. If you really think they are going without or your other fish are overeating, wait 1 hour after lights out at night and drop the Plecos food in. They can eat in the dark while the other fish sleep.
    I forgot that you can drop a slice of zucchini in the tank. The Plecos like slices of zucchini and cucumber that other fish don't care for. Just make sure to leave the veggie slice in for one day and remove and replace it.
  7. OP

    mabobo94 New Member Member

    Thank you so much, and I know my fish are overeating, some leave it alone, but others don't. And right now most of my females are so small that even eating a single pellet that's been soaking makes them bloated.
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    TinaJen New Member Member

    Try feeding the pleco when the tank light has been off for a few hours ( when the other fish are sleep ).
  9. Fashooga

    Fashooga Fishlore VIP Member

    Give them blanched zucchini and let it sit there for a few days. That will be gone in no time and you can feed them the following week.

    However I really think you should look at removing them. Tank is too small for one let alone two. They appear to be a common pleco and will out grow the tank. The both of them will produce too much waste and the filter will have problems converting the ammonia from them.

    Food for thought.
  10. OP

    mabobo94 New Member Member

    I have a 50 gallon that one is eventually going to move to, I just need to finish setting it up, which I am doing today.
  11. Aqua Hands

    Aqua Hands Well Known Member Member

    Smack the tank if they go for it. :p *Don't Actually*
  12. Genghis Karp

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    If they're common Plecos you need at least a 5x2 footprint. Id trade and get bristlenoses or better still clowns if you like Plecos. Clowns are good in a little group, although it won't be cheap to buy 4-5