Fish Dying Please Help!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by SebastianChokka, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. SebastianChokkaNew MemberMember

    HELP! My teachers fish are bleeding! Scales falling off, pieces of fins! I took them out and put them on a bag to nurse back home, but they are dying! What can I do now? My friends say they were fighting with a beta but it looks like fin rot to me!
    I believe they are guppies, I am not sure

    Pic of the fish. Other is in the corner, but not bleeding as much. HELP!

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  2. Sarcasm IncludedWell Known MemberMember

    Looks like what is left of a Zebra danio and it was clearly attacked by another fish.
    You can put him in Meth blue baths to promote healing but there should be no other fish in the tank with the betta
    If your school has a biology department, they likely have methylene blue because it is an organic dye commonly used to stain cells. Make sure it is zinc free and you can add a little to the bag, but don't add to the tank since it will kill your cycle.
    This will only help it heal and prevent infections, he needs to live through the damage done first.
  3. Al913Fishlore VIPMember

    They are not guppies, look like the leopard zebra danio

    The fins are signs of severe fin nipping, not fin rot

    What size tank and what is the stocking of the tank?
  4. SebastianChokkaNew MemberMember

    20 gallons it had these guys, a Betta, 3 neon tetras, a white molly that acts mental, and a dwarf pleco that's max size is 4 inches.
    We have a middle school, I'm 13, and we don't have a biology department. We do have a science class, that I am in now but we have a sub so I doubt she knows where it is even if we had it. Can it be bought? If not, what other substances can be used?
  5. Al913Fishlore VIPMember

    So there are many problems with the tank stocking, also later can you take a pic of the "dwarf" pleco. There are no species call dwarf pleco, and there are many types, just want to clarify the type and size.We can talk about the stocking problems if you like, as this will make the tank less stressful

    Where are you gonna put the danio? Did the danio not a school?
  6. SebastianChokkaNew MemberMember

    I believe the pleco is a suckermouth species. I did not understand the last question, did you type something wrong? Here is a pic of the tank and pleco

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  7. Al913Fishlore VIPMember

    Oh, I meant to say, is the danio not in a school?

    It will help to take a pic of the pleco :)
  8. Sarcasm IncludedWell Known MemberMember

    You can order it online through ebay as the organic dye or buy it as Kordon's Methylene blue for fish.

    There is a dwarf bristlenose Pleco that gets to 4", which I happen to have 3 of them in one of my tanks. I like the white edging along the tail and dorsal...
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  9. Al913Fishlore VIPMember

    Good to know! But it would be best to get a confirmation :)

    Hopefully OP has that kind!
  10. Sarcasm IncludedWell Known MemberMember

    Once you find out what the pleco is for sure I suggest you find a nice 3-5 gallon tank for the betta with heater and sponge filter. Donate the zebra danio to someone who can add him to a school, but you can keep him in a breeding box while he heals. You can get a couple more neon tetras for the 20 gallon tank after you remove the betta and danio, leaving you with 5-6 Neon tetras, 1 molly, and 1 bristlenose pleco(if it is another pleco he needs a bigger tank).
  11. SebastianChokkaNew MemberMember

    Ok, thanks! (Currently in math class with the fish...)

    I took 2 pics, one of the tank and one of the pleco. I dunno why the pleco isn't showing up but I will take a pic of my pleco in my tank.
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  12. sylviepldValued MemberMember

    I totally agree with this. If it is not a bristle nose pleco it will definitely need a much bigger home. Common plecos as well as some others can grow to over 1.5 feet long:eek:. You could probably give to a fish store. Why don't you ask your teacher if you can take over the care of the fish/aquariums? He/She might even be able to put a little money towards their proper care. Tell your teacher you have been doing a lot of research on fish keeping and you are keen to help the fish in your classroom. Explain to him/her that the Betta is not meant to be kept with the other fish and that it is attacking the other fish. I'm sure your teacher will appreciate not having to care for them anymore! Maybe at the end of the year you could take them all home!:) Do you know about water changes? You should change about 20% of the water every week. There is tap water conditioner you can get to add to the tank when you do this. I hope I am not overwhelming you. I'm glad you care about the fish so much. Let us know how it goes. Good Luck!
  13. SebastianChokkaNew MemberMember

    I am already the "Fish Keeper". He buys the stuff and lets me take care of it. It is a bristlenose pleco, and I googled and found that Bettas can be kept with guppies, but it turns out they are dionos. He just bought a bunch of fish in the begginning and never told me what they were:/
    I actually have a 1,200-gallon pond and 2 tanks. I have some MelaFix, and I put that in with stress coat/water conditioner.
    My tank setup for my 10 gallons is included, as well as the pleco I have. We both have a bristlenose i think because we have had them for 6 months and they stayed the same size.

    other than conditioner, what can I add?

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  14. Al913Fishlore VIPMember

    So I would like to say, neons and bettas aren't temp compatible. The heater that you have is a preset heater, which i believe sets the temp at 78F? If so that is too warm for the neons. Neons are a cool water fish and prefer the lower 70s. If kept at the upper 70s they will drastically have a shorten life. The neons should have a 20 gallon and a at least a school of 6. The bristlenose which gets 6" need a 20 gallon, due to the size and waste.

    As for the teachers tank, I do suggest that you move your neons to the 20 gallon, If possible I suggest you create a split 10 gallon tank to keep the betta or get another tank for it.

    Tell your teacher that there is a $1 per gallon sale at Petco! If he wants a bigger tank...where he can have more fish(don't worry, we will help with the stocking) then now is the chance! I suggest getting a 29 gallon :)
  15. SebastianChokkaNew MemberMember

    really? the temp on there is 82, that is terrible then. I will tell my teacher about the sale. does that mean that you xan get a 40 gallon for $40?!
  16. Al913Fishlore VIPMember

    Yes! If you want a 40 breeder this is a good chance. However if the width of the table is a problem, then maybe a 55 gallon might be better!

    Either way a bigger tank will definitely allow you to properly keep more fish and have more activity! Many times beginners are upset about the hobby when they get a small tank and find out they can't keep all the fish they want or that different fish need a bigger tank.

    If you can persuade him that will be wonderful!
  17. SebastianChokkaNew MemberMember

    I will try!
  18. SebastianChokkaNew MemberMember

    SO my teacher doesnt want them back. One died overnight. I gave the 1 fish to my sisters in a 1.2 gallon tank, is this ok or will it die like soon? I can't get another tank, so should I put him in my pond?
  19. Al913Fishlore VIPMember

    Which fish died? Which one is going in the 1.2 gallon? Which one is going in the pond? Which fish is left in the 20 gallon tank?