Fish Dyeing - cruel but real

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Isabella, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. Isabella

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    I have recently seen this fish in my pet store and I think it is beautiful. When I came back home, I did an Internet search on this fish. I have learned that it is a good community fish and that it is hardy. They say it is a freshwater fish but that one needs to add some aquarium salt to the water to keep this fish healthy. Does anyone know anything about this fish? What will happen if one adds aquarium salt to a regular community tank (with neons, etc.)? Will all the other fish be negatively affected by it? What will happen if you keep Chanda Rangas in water without salt?

    As I was reading about Chanda Rangas, quite accidentally I came across another topic: fish dyeing. I don't know how many of you know about this, but this is a very cruel practice. I was shocked about what I found out. And I am writing to tell you about it. I think every fish keeper should be aware of this. What they do is they literally inject fish with artificial dyes that usually will kill the fish, and if not, the dye will be removed from the fish's body by its immune system soon after injection. Perhaps as much as 90% of the fish so cruelly experimented die. Those that survive will lose color in your aquarium months after you bought it.

    They use various techniques to dye the fish. They use large needles that you can only imagine how much it hurts and stresses the fish. This is a complete lack of tolerance for life and a ruthless sadism. Fish are live creatures too and should not be so tortured - because I call it nothing more but a true torture. You can also imagine what holes and wounds these needles make in the delicate fish's body. Another technique they use is dipping fish in various chemicals. First they dip it in a chemical substance that destroys the fish's natural slime protective coating, then they dip it in a dye, and then they dip it in a chemical that is supposed to stimulate the slime coating to grow back. I cannot believe such things are being done for money. Those sadists will do anything for money these days. It saddens me deeply :(

    Here is one article that explains in detail what fish dyeing is, how it's done, and what fishes are usually dyed:

    Anyone who cares should also do an internet search on fish dyeing. Just type the words "fish dyeing" in your internet browser, and you'll get a lot of information on the topic. Please do not be ignorant.
  2. OP

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    The name of the fish is CHANGA RANGA (I'm sorry - I forgot to give its name in the beginning of my post).
  3. rob2uk

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    My LFS has signs up saying they do not, will not, and never have stocked dyed fish.

    They also refuse to sell fish to you if you're buying a tank at the same time, and whenever you go in to buy fish ask you about your tank and current fish to make sure that your tank is big enough and that what you're buying is compatible.

    These guys REALLY care about the fish, there's 6 people that work there and they all keep fish at home.

    One of them even took an hour to walk around the store with me and talk about every single fish they had on display!
  4. Miss Mouse

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    I had a tough time finding out what a changa ranga was so if anyone cant find it, it's also known as a glassfish and they look very ordinary without dye. Poor little things - it's good that you picked up on that Isabella.
  5. Gunnie

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    Yep. There is even a petition going around on other forums trying to stop this practice. All you can do about it right now is not to buy the fish. If folks stop buying them, they will stop the practice.
  6. Butterfly

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    Yes its a very disgusting practice and I don't buy from stores that keep dyed fish.
    If your having a hard time finding Changa ranga try Chanda ranga or Chanda wolffi.
    They are beautiful fish without the dye. Very delicate looking. The C.ranga has a yellowish tint to the body and some black on the fins and does need a little salt. C. wolffi is clear as glass(so the name glass fish) and has no markings and does not need any salt.
    As far as salt in the set up you have right now, i wouldn't advise it. The neons nor the angels would appreciate it .
    Gunnie wasn't there another fish being dyed a while back? They were calling them blueberry something, strawberry something??? I can't remember.
  7. Butterfly

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    This is the one I see most.
  8. Craig

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    totally shockin!!! :eek: totally shocked :'( maybe thats what happened 2 my 1st red fire gourami it was turnin white and it died about 5 weeks ago what a terrible thing 2 do

    C W
  9. OP

    IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    I am glad that so many of you do care. Thank you for reading my post.

    Craig, yes it is very shocking. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that your gourami was dyed. After all, what do we know? They may be selling them to us and withholding the truth from us (of course, for money).

    Thank you for the flash animation Carol, I hope many people see it. And thank you for the Chanda Ranga advice.

    Rob, I am glad to hear that your pet store is very ethical. The glassfish I saw in my pet store did not look dyed. It had no color whatsoever - simply transparent (which I loved about this fish!). Nevertheless, I never saw there a notice assuring the customers that the store does not sell dyed fishes. How could I find out if they sell dyed fishes? You also made a lot of other good points. Responsible pet stores should never sell aquaria and fishes the same day.
  10. Butterfly

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    If you want to know then the simpliest way is to ask. If they do and you choose to, let them know in a quiet and calm way how you feel.
  11. Jason

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    I remember seeing those dyed coloured glass fish in a dodgy store. It's bloody shocking! Couldn't believe it when she said it. Dont think they have them anymore, but that store is pretty dodgy and will probably close soon
  12. newbie101

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    OMG!!!!! my lfs sells dyed fish!!!! :mad: :mad: :'(
    i am so mad! now what do i do? that is the only pet store within like 30 miles of me and I CANT DRIVE!!!! :mad:
    um, help?
  13. Gunnie

    GunnieWell Known MemberMember

    The best thing you can do is just don't buy those fish. If you feel up to it, let the store know how you feel about dyed fish and refuse to buy them.
  14. Neen

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    Thanks for the information.  I will not buy dyed fish & I won't shop where they sell them either!!  That is cruel.   :-[
  15. OP

    IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    One thought about how they dip the fish in a chemical substance that dissolves the fish's protective slime coating. Wouldn't that be quivalent to - or at least something similar to - burning human skin with some dissolvent / strong acid? If you think about it, when they dip the fish in a substance that literally dissolves its protective coating, that must EXTREMELY hurt the poor little thing. What would it feel like if they wholly dipped you - a human being - in a burning chemical substance that would literally dissolve your skin (or its outer layers at least)? My guess would be that this is pretty much the way fishes feel when this procedure is being done to them. I simply cannot imagine how people have the courage to torture not just fish, but any animal. I believe that everyone who cruelly treats animals should himself / herself experience exactly the same tortures that he / she performed on these animals. Perhaps that would make him / her see animal cruelty in a "somewhat" different light ...
  16. Butterfly

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    Most people don't consider fish feeling animals, just a lower life form. We all know thats not true.Theres not near as much protection out there for fish as there is for cats or dogs.
  17. tennhound

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    I 100% DO NOT agree with fish dying. I refuse to buy any that have been artificially colored. I think it is soooo cruel. And as Gunnie has pointedout there is a petision out there some where for people to sign about fish dying. I will see If I can find it and post the link for you.

  18. newbie101

    newbie101Well Known MemberMember

    yes please!! i am really mad :mad: that is a great place except for that!
  19. Jessie_Lynn

    Jessie_LynnValued MemberMember

    Wow Isabella that was shocking news. I have always seen those painted glass tetras at the pet shop and wondered how that painted them and how cruel it was to paint them. Now I know how they do it. I have never bought painted glass fish and never will thanks to that article you presented.
  20. OP

    IsabellaFishlore VIPMember

    Absolutely Carol, fish are just like any other animal species. Just because they're smaller and live in water (as opposed to land animals), doesn't mean that they're completely devoid of feeling and understanding on a certain level. You cannot conider a fish "stupid" or "lowly" just because its evolution took a different path. One slight change in the course of natural history events, and humans wouldn't be where they are right now. But just because we are where we are, doesn't mean that we're better than other life forms on Earth. I believe every life is precious, even those smallest creatures. Every being has its place on Earth - if it were not needed, it wouldn't exist. We all have a purpose to fulfil.

    Regarding the consideration of fish as "lowly" ... it is really unreasonable of human beings to call smaller life forms as "lowly". Well, yes, they don't have their brains as highly developed as human beings do. But just because they have their brains less developed than the brains of human beings, does NOT mean that they are some unnecessary life forms. Like I said, every creature has its purpose on Earth.

    Now, when human beings consider themselves "intelligent" and AT THE SAME TIME torture lower life forms JUST BECAUSE of their brains being smaller - is that a really "intelligent" behavior? An intelligent person is the one who - precisely thanks to his/her intelligence - knows that it is unethical to torture smaller helpless beings. How can an intelligent person not understand that an animal like a fish is totally defenseless against a human being? Humans KNOW that, and yet they will torture the fish. And that makes them EVIL and cowardly. It is not "heroic" to torture a being that you know is weaker than you. In this new light, it seems that though humans have their brains highly developed, it is them who are "stupid" (I am referring to those people that ruthlessly torture animals, not the whole of the human race, because as a species humans have also done wonderful things). So my point essentially is that just because we have higher brains doesn't mean we're better than other life forms on Earth. Humans have proved to be the most evil and destructive species with respect to other animals and Earth's eco-system.

    When I feed my angels, they eat out of my hand. When I walk past my aquarium, my angels will swim from one tank end to the other, "following" me. And they're not afraid of my hands when I put them in the tank. When it is the feeding time, my neons will swim up to the surface because they know food is soon coming. I am almost certainly sure that my angels can recognize my face (or distingush it from the faces of strangers). All of this can't possibly be the result of a "brainless lowly animal" who cannot feel or understand what is happening around it.

    OK, enough for now! (I am a huge animal lover and topics like this seriously make me angry)