Fish Dissapeard over night, any reason? Help

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AwNuts, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. AwNuts

    AwNutsValued MemberMember

    Good morning to everyone,

    Well i am in a bit of a search and rescue situation lol.

    yesterday as it was feeding time for my fishes i notice that one of my Golden Gouramis was missing. I searched high and low and under every decor located in the tank and nothing. The funny part is that the day before both Golden Gouramis were accounted for and yesterday i only find one. I also searched behind the tank, under the furniture incase it jumped out and NOTHING.

    What could have happened to my Golden Gourami?

    I feel super bummed out as i love those fishes but its weird how he disappeared over night.

    any help?
  2. Kerber23Valued MemberMember

    is your filter running right?
  3. DigglyWell Known MemberMember

    Do you have a cat? cats are sneaky things and might have gotten ur fish.

  4. OP

    AwNutsValued MemberMember

    yeah the filter is running properly and checked it as well.

    lol no cat in the house. Thank god
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  5. Kerber23Valued MemberMember

    indeed... the cat got my pleco O,O
    Dont worry, the law of conservation of matter states that "No matter can be created, nor Destroyed. its somewhere

  6. OP

    AwNutsValued MemberMember

    lol yeah it has to be somewhere.

    Im just bummed out that the fish is no longer swimming in the tank with the rest.

    my only guess would be that the other fishes ate him over night or something after he died.
    but i have a million questions on how he disappeared when he was healthy. and he is a pretty good size as well to no find any remains or where abouts.

    (FYI: all fishes get along very well in the tank)
  7. gunner13Well Known MemberMember

    if he did get out, maybe he has flapped himself under a piece of furniture. Good luck finding him(alive hopefully).
  8. OP

    AwNutsValued MemberMember

    lol at this point i doubt that he will be alive lol.

    and i checked under the aquarium furniture and no luck.
    i checked all possibilities and nothing came back positive.
  9. Chris123

    Chris123Well Known MemberMember

  10. DigglyWell Known MemberMember

    I dont see how he could have gotten eaten that quickly if he had died and gotten eaten. Are you sure he isnt hiding in between some plants that you might have missed or something? or could he be hiding behind the filter?
  11. Camille

    CamilleValued MemberMember

    The filter is usually the most likely cause of vanishing fishies... Did you open up the filter and check inside? I had some disappearing fishies in my tank too, I found them in the filter... One time I had a fiddler crab that climbed out of his tank and I discovered him in my hallway walking around in the middle of the night. The second time he escaped he jumped off the balcony and and killed himself. I know that there are some fish that tend to jump out of there tanks. When I was a little kid I saw a betta fish jump out of his tank while I was in the pet store. Bettas and gouramis are related, they are both anabantids so maybe your gourami jumped out of the tank like the betta in the petstore did... I have a gourami in my tank and I have never seen him attempt anything like jumping out of his tank but he does occasionally make a splash...
    Well, good luck finding your gourami!
  12. OP

    AwNutsValued MemberMember

    lol fishes are full of wonder.

    It did cross my mind that if it died and sunk to the bottom if the chinese algea eater would eat him. But i was thinking how long would it take him to devour a fish over night.
    I opened my filter container and removed my filters to checked the bottom of the container and i didn't see anything. tonight i will completely remove the filter until and remove the water so i could see the bottom much more clearer. If the fish was to be hiding i think he would of came out during feeding time as he is very active during that time.

    if i can't find him i will be going to my LFS to purchase another one.
  13. clickWell Known MemberMember

    I kinda doubt your algae eater will eat the bones too. So there would have to be some leftovers if the fish was eaten by something inside the tank. Maybe you should extend your search area outside the tank. You would be amazed how far some fish can get once out of the water. And if you have a dog...I've seen dogs eating fish too:;sh
  14. OP

    AwNutsValued MemberMember

    Hmmm that is a good point. Never thought if the dogs ate the fish if the fish was out in the open. I have two dogs that they occasionally hang out inside for a little bit, maybe they cross by the fish and ate it.
    Well either way it will be time to buy a new one.
  15. clickWell Known MemberMember

    Consider how strong the smell of a fish (dead or alive) would be for a dog. They would have no problem finding it in no time. And if one of them ate the fish, they probably swallow it whole, so no evidence would be left behind.
  16. OP

    AwNutsValued MemberMember

    lol talk about the perfect crime scene lol.
  17. Red1313

    Red1313Fishlore VIPMember

    I vote it was the :;bmu :p
  18. OP

    AwNutsValued MemberMember

  19. kelsangdolValued MemberMember

    Under the carpet prehaps? ~who knows~
  20. speed0factory

    speed0factoryValued MemberMember

    good luck to you and buy a fish soon to replace it. and i think, if your fish had jump out of the tank and ate by your dogs, it may be your water parameter is wrong.

    i had before from my LFS that fishes will jump out of the water due to the water parameter is not suitble for them, before buying the fish next time test the water parameter first. gook luck.

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