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Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by josiefryer, Jul 7, 2014.

  1. josiefryerNew MemberMember

    Yesterday I did a full water change (took the fish out, 99% of the water). I then used aqua safe aquarium water conditionor in order to use my tap water. After this I then used Easy Balance aquarium water condtionor. I have done this many times throughout the 3 years I have owned my fish and normally everything has been fine. I then fed them.

    My fish then starting coming to the surface for air. I tested the water and everything was fine apart from my PH levels were 6.0 when they are normally 7.0. I googled this and it said to change a third of the water as it may be due to overfeeding them. I changed a third of the water and all but 3 fish came down from the surface. One of these fish died that night. I then did a full water change to see if that changed anything. Another fish died.

    I dont understand why my fish had died unexpectidly.

    Please help!
  2. Dolfan

    DolfanFishlore VIPMember

    First off welcome to fishlore. There is a lot of good info and good people here that can help you out. When you have time please fill in your profile with your tank setup, so we can all know what you are dealing with to better be able to help you out.

    There are a lot of variables that we don't know. What are your tank water parameters....ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, temperature, etc. Also what about your tank in general, what fish, size, filter, did you add anything new recently?

    Just a few things I think that could have led to problems, without really knowing the entire situation.....doing any water changes can be stressful. You are taking out water with certain parameters and adding back new water with different parameters. Most suggest to do 20-50% changes, this makes it where the water isn't changing too drastically in short period of time. You did a 99% change, which would drastically change things, like your PH. Also did you match the temperatures of the old and incoming water. A PH swing coupled with a temperature swing could really stress the fish, as well as being netted out of the tank then added back in. Most recommend to leave fish in the tank when you do water changes.

    Also, describe the 2 types of water conditioner you use. What is the need for 2 separate water conditioners? I really like Seachem Prime as it removes chlorine, chloramine, helps neutralize ammonia, and binds heavy metals, so it is sort of an all in one product. I am not familiar with your 2 water conditioners but if you had to use a lot, which you probably did, since you did a 99% water change there could of been some interaction between them, not sure though.

    Good luck in trying to figure it out, as you will want things to stabilize before adding any new replacement fish.
  3. Adam55

    Adam55Well Known MemberMember

    Hello and welcome,

    I'm sorry about your fish. Before I try to answer your question, can I ask why you did a 100% water change? That's drastic. The more water you change, the more your fish will stress. A 99%, a full 100%, and then 33% in one or two days is a lot.
    But there are also a couple things I see in your post right away. A change that drastic in your pH is going to be bad news for your fish. Also, a pH of 6.0 could lead to a new cycle in your tank because the beneficial bacteria could die at that level.
  4. animalfreak

    animalfreakNew MemberMember

    Add more information. What kind of fish, genders, size, is it heated, what kind of filter, how many gallons your tank is, etc.

    Without really knowing the entire information, it's tricky to answer but first off never do a full water change. I do 15% water changes every other day. I only 15% because I have breeders nets so that doesn't allow me to do more.

    If I could, I would do 25% every three days, or 50% a week. You really shouldn't go over 50% at a time. You did too many water changes around the same time. I'm guessing your fish died from stress. When you did a full water change, you might have messed up the PH.

    Good luck. I hope you work it out.
  5. TankMaster25Valued MemberMember

    Doing a full water change at a time could send the fish into shock, because you have just removed all the bacteria the fish needed to live or at least most of it. Also you drastically changed nitrates, nitrite, ph, oxygen etc. How long have you had this fish? Was the water the same before and after the water change? Was there a difference between water temperatures before and after the water change?

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  6. Parker CorsoNew MemberMember

    I'm sorry about all your fish, when I first started over 5 years ago i did almost the same thing :( I feel your pain man. To properly keep your fish alive you need to do water changes. But only 20-50 at max percent of the water. Doing 100% water percent will kill all bacteria, bacteria is good in moderation. It's like when you get a new fish tank, you let the filter make healthy bacteria. Getting rid of all of it makes it impossible for fish to thrive. If you have a second fishtank move them there, if not try and move them or get someone to give you some suitable water. A local pet store near me use to sell fish water, weird right! Whatever you do don't go buy more fish or plants! They will die like the others. Let the filter work on the water making some bacteria, you can buy tablets to speed it up. Good luck, give it a few weeks and you should be able to have your fish tank back to normal. :)

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