Fish Diagnosis Please Help Important

  1. CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member

    Hey guys,

    My bloodfin tetra definitely isn't at 100%... He's lost almost all the red in his fins for a couple of days now, and tonight when I fed them, he only ingested food and then spat it out.

    After observing him a little, he seems to swim in place and tip over to one side, then catch himself and continue swimming normally. My other fish seem normal, and his Bloodfin buddy has all his color.

    Any idea of what could be wrong? I have a hospital tank ready to go if need be, with its filter in my current tank.

    Water parameters are as such:

    Temperature- 23.5 degrees C
    pH- somewhere between 7.4-7.6 (hard to tell sometimes)
    Ammonia- 0.25 ppm (my tank is cycled, I've never been able to get it below this)
    Nitrite-0.50 ppm (I performed a 20% water change today and changed one of my two filters - when I checked 3 weeks ago it was at 0)
    Nitrates-30 ppm (This was at 5 ppm three weeks ago, before adding two new Yamato shrimp)

    My tank is a 15 Liter with

    2 Bloodfin Tetras
    1 Zebra Danio
    1 Otocinclus catfish
    2 Yamato (Amano) Shrimp

  2. N8_the_Gr8 Member Member

    Well, tipping over is a swim bladder problem but I doubt that for some reasons. I do think that that is the case because it is more common in goldfish than anything. It could be flashing, which means that there could be a parasite that is attacking the gills. This could be what is stressing him out and causing him to lose its color.
  3. CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member

    Should I put him in the hospital tank right away or wait and monitor him?
  4. N8_the_Gr8 Member Member

    It is best to put him in a hospital tank just to make sure that if it is a bacterial/viral/parasite infection that the other fish don't get it through the virus spreading or a parasite detaching or maybe through eating a dead carcass (possibly).
  5. CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member


    Anyone else have any insight before I transfer him?!
  6. david1978 Fishlore VIP Member

    Do you seriously have all those fish in 3 gallons of water???
  7. IceFyre1414 Well Known Member Member

    It's probably due to the stress from the water parameters, a very small tank, and not having a proper school size. Your tank is not cycled; any amount of ammonia is extremely toxic. I reccomend doing at least 50% water changes every day until you can get the ammonia and nitrites as close to zero as possible.
    Having him in a hospital tank is a good idea just in case but I think having clean water is the most important thing for all of your fish right now.
  8. CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member

    4 small fish in 4 gallons of water...

    My tank has been active for 3 months now, my ammonia has never gotten below .25 ppm. Nitrites were always at 0 until the shrimp.... Nitrates were below 5 ppm until now. It was cycled and I must've screwed something up.

    Could it be that the shrimp are over-taxing the bio-load?

    It is a planted tank :p
  9. david1978 Fishlore VIP Member

    They dont stay small long. They are also schooling fish and would be much happier with 6+ of their own.
  10. CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member

    I understand that and I appreciate that, thank you.

    I will get to that, but as of now, I'm mostly just worried about keeping them alive...

    Should I bring the shrimp back to my LFS? Like I said, water was fine until they came along..
  11. IceFyre1414 Well Known Member Member

    Most of those fish are reccomend for a minimum of 20 gallons. A tank is considered cycled when you consistantly have 0 nitrites and ammonia and have nitrates.
    Edit: Shrimp have almost no bioload, I don't think they are the cause.
  12. CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member

    Yes, I know. Some reason my ammonia tests have never come back as 0, always somewhere in between 0 and .25. Ammonia tests can be shaky though.

    Should I get rid of the shrimp?

    I unfortunately cannot operate my 20 gallon or 55 gallon at the moment, I'm a student with no suitable living space for either of my bigger tanks.
  13. david1978 Fishlore VIP Member

    To keep them alive you are going to have to start doing daily water changes or every other day to keep water conditions safe. In the long run you should upgrade to atleast a 20 gallon tank or cut your stock some.
  14. CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member

    I can't upgrade to my 20 gal or 55 gal which are both back home, I don't currently have the space.

    I added a new plant, could this be a cause?

    Water was perfect until now... been a few months.
  15. david1978 Fishlore VIP Member

    A plant. If anything plants help. As your fish grew they also increased their bio load. Thats why you cant get zero ammonia. As they grow more the problem will only get worse.
  16. CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member

    They've been the same size for 2+ months now...
  17. IceFyre1414 Well Known Member Member

    Neither plants nor shrimp are likely to affect your cycle in any way. The nitrites could actually be a sign that your tank is beginning to cycle as ammonia is more dangerous than nitrites. I agree with david, daily water changes would probably be your best option if you can't upgrade.
    Also, have you tested your tap water? It's possible there's ammonia in the tap, though a cycled tank would convert this to nitrates within 24 hours.
    If your fish aren't growing, it's possible they are stunted from having a small tank.
  18. CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member

    I must've killed my cycle by changing out the filters, I changed one out 2 weeks ago and today the second.

    That's the only thing that would make sense to me about a sudden change in water quality... Besides the two little shrimp, a new plant, and light vacuuming of my gravel, I haven't changed anything else. Been doing 20% water changes weekly.

    Would changing the filters be a possible cause in your opinion?
  19. CocoCappuccino Member Member

    Just asking out of curiosity, how old is your filter?
  20. CanadianJoeh Well Known Member Member

    Well, as of today, one is 2 weeks old, and the other is new today.

    I should've waited longer to change them, shouldn't I have?