Fish Compatibility Problem

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    Okay, I have this tank for a while, and my fish come and go. But, I love my oscars and other fish seem to have problems with them. I went to the petstore and I asked what fish go with oscars I got 3 parrot fish, a JD, a pacu, and a black convict (My old tank was 225 gal). so the next day the I started noticing the JD wouldn't let the oscar eat so I was just a bit bewildered. Then, within the next few days the oscar looked sick and I move the JD out. Then later on that oscar died. so I got another one then the pacu and convict started to kill them too so I got another oscar and another and another so, I am just like get rid of these other fish. so they are in a whole other tank. now I have a an oscar in the tank with 3 parrots and they are doing just fine. then I went to another petstore and they said none of the fish belonged in that tank. then I was like what!?!?!?! Next, I went to another petstore and they said some of these can go, but the others can't. so, I just want to answers someone please! can any of these fish truely go with an oscar and if not what can? :confused:
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    What size Oscar did you have compared to the rest of your Cichlids? My friend added an Oscar to his Cichlid tank, but he had the opposite problem. His Oscar actually ate one of the smaller Cichlids and then died after spitting it back up.