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  1. Lefky Valued Member Member

    I have a cycled 20g long tank light-moderate planted (will replant current plants when they grow). The water temp is ~80-82F without a heater (room temp) since I live in the desert. I currently have: 2 hatchetfish (chase each other constantly), 4 neon tetras (I cannot find a home for these 4 since 80 is too hot for them but they have been in the tank for 3 months), 1 bn pleco, 3 sunset thick lipped gouramis (I got unlucky with 2 males and a female, one male is super aggressive to both fish so I plan on rehoming him leaving the other 2 to pair), and 4 green corys. I was thinking of adding a male GBR to the tank, maybe a pair if I can find one. Would a pair of them, or even a lone one, be ok with the other paired gouramis? The male gourami is already turning slightly black after about 3 days in the tank. Im hoping they will breed soon but not sure with the other aggressive fish. Every comment and opinion will be appreciated! Thank you!

    PS: Ignore the crooked background , I need to fix it.

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  2. Crazycoryfishlady Well Known Member Member

    Technically you need more cories and could handle them
    Technically it's too hot for them too, but not unliveable.
    I think a lot of cories are super fun to watch.
    The bottom of your tank is never still unless they simultaneously nap! Lol

    I love your setup, it's very pretty.
    A ram might look nice among the bottom, but I don't know how gouramis are with them.
    So that's all I've got :p

  3. Lefky Valued Member Member

    The other 2 gouramis are super friendly and will even eat from my fingers, even from day one! I only have the filter that came with the tank and I know the corys produce a lot of bio load. I will be willing to up the corys and do more water changes (maybe 2 a week?). Could I add 2 sterbai corys since they handle the heat well? I have 2 green corys and 2 albino but I think they are just albinos of the green corys.

    Edit: Forgot to say thank you for your comment on my tank decor! I have been working very hard on decorations!
  4. bizaliz3 Fishlore Legend Member

    I personally think your 20g is full. :-(

    2 hatchetfish
    3 thicklipped gourami
    4 neon tetras
    4 cories
    1 bn pleco

    A 20 gallon is a relatively small tank. Just the bioload of the pleco alone is a lot for a 20g. So the pleco with all those other fish is at the limit in my opinion

    If you got rid of the pleco, maybe you could add a ram or two. But not the way it sits now. But even with 3 gouramis, 4 tetras and the hatchetfish and the cories...your tank is pretty crowded.
  5. Crazycoryfishlady Well Known Member Member

    I was assuming they were going to eventually rid of the tetras, and one gourami as they said.
    So the stocking would then be
    4 cories
    2 hatchet fish
    2 gourami

    I think that may leave room for at least 2 more cories since they're ridding of 5 fish including a larger gourami.

    Always deoends on if their filter can really handle it or not, and if they can keep up the work for it.

    If their nitrates aren't getting too high within a week now, removing a few fishing and just adding back two might have very little affect on the current load.
    There are also ways to improve this.
  6. Lefky Valued Member Member

    My nitrates are basically at 0 atm. The only fish I can rehome is the aggressive gourami. GBR’s are my favorite fish and matches my temp perfectly. I would think replacing 1 gourami with 1 Ram wouldn't be too bad.
  7. bizaliz3 Fishlore Legend Member

    Well...he said that he can't rehome the tetras. But I do see now that he said he plans to rehome one of the gouramis.

    I definitely agree with two more cories. But no, @Lefky not sterbai. That won't accomplish what we are trying to accomplish by adding more cories. You need to get the same species you already have. And I hope the albinos are just albino greens. Because they do best in groups of all one kind. Not a mix. :)

    Virtually zero nitrates with that stock? How frequent are your water changes?? How long has the tank been running? Is it super heavily planted??
  8. Lefky Valued Member Member

    I can find 2 small green corys at my lfs to add. All 4 of my corys are almost always side by side. I do 1-2 water changes a week filling up a 5g bucket so about 25% each time.

    Edit: I added a picture of my tank to this comment. Each plant is alive and doing super well. The tank has also been set up for about 3 months. I also did a fish in cycle not knowing about the cycling process but I am now well informed about it.

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