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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by Djatwood16, Jan 11, 2013.

  1. Djatwood16New MemberMember

    Hey everyone!

    Im a first time user so i could really use some good help and advice!

    I have been keeping a 3 gallon tank for about 6 months. And i have recently decided to upgrade to a 10 gallon tank.

    As of right now, I have in my 10 gallon:

    -1 pair of german blue rams
    -1 Killifish
    - 6 Neon tetras
    - 3 Serpae tetras

    The store owner told me the serpaes would be a great addition to my tank. However, they have harassed my neons quite frequently and all have what appear to be nipped fins (including a couple passing). Unless anyone has any suggestions, it is clear to me that this combination will not work? My next thought is to take the serpaes out, and perhaps replace the passed neons and add a pair of guppies, glo-lites, and or a single gourami perhaps? I would like a single neat larger fish as a centerpiece (my killifish is tiny and neither gbr is over 1.5"), such as a dwarf gourami (have heard these can be aggressive) but realize with a semi-small tank size of ten gallons my options are limited.

    As of now I am thinking,

    -1 pair of GBR
    -1 killifish
    -5-6 neons
    -1 Pair of guppies
    -2 Glolites

    any suggestions?

    I realize some might say this is too many for the load of the tank, but i do have a really nice filter.

    Thanks for the help everyone!
  2. TylerLovesFishWell Known MemberMember

    Even with a good filter, to be honest, (from hearing from others, and experience with my dad) That would be overstocked. I suggest going away with the glo lights (I really don't suggest them to anyone, as they are genetically altered, meaning they also have to use a very small gene pool, in short, they are very inbred from what I hear) and the guppies, mostly because if you get a male and a female, you could possibly get babies.
  3. jdhefModeratorModerator Member

    Welcome to FishLore!

    Sorry to hear you are having problem, but you've come to the right place for help.

    As you have seen for yourself, Serpae's can become very aggressive. When keeping Serpae's it is recommended to have a minimum of 5 since they are schooling fish, and being in a school will help lessen/spread out the aggression. Overstocking can also make fish become more aggressive and you are overstocked.

    Being overstocked isn't just about having enough filtration, it is also about having enough room in the tank. Just think, would you be less stressed shopping at the mall in August or around Christmas. It's the same for the fish, not having enough personal space will stress them out which can lead to aggerssion and disease.

    Also, some fish require a minimum size tank so they have enough room to swim around. Glofish (Glolite) are very active and need room to dart around.It would much like keeping a greyhound in a small room all it's life.

    So I think a good stocking might be the pair of rams and 7 neons, or maybe even a Dwarf Gourami and the two Rams (I had a GBR and a DG together for a little while and they got along fine). Or the Rams and 5 Guppies.

    There is a very flawed stocking guideline that say's 1" of adult sized fish per gallon. The readon it is flawed is because you would never keep a 10" fish in a 10 gallon tank, and some fish like Glofish have a minimum tank size, and it really allow for fish that are real waste producers. But for the fish you are looking at, your main concern will be minimum tank size and minimum school size if the fish is a schooling fish. So with all those caveats, you are looking to have no more than 10" of fish in your tank total.

    Good luck!
  4. Djatwood16New MemberMember

    sorry for misspeaking, i was referring to glo lite tetras, not the genetically modified zebrafish. DOes this make a difference in what you are thinking?? I was also thinking the rams as aggressive feeders would do the trick eating the fry keeping the tank from being overstocked with guppies. I do have friends with tanks too who would gladly take a pair if some did survive. Thanks for the great advice on overstocking! Ill definitely keep that in mind :)
  5. Akari_32Fishlore LegendMember

    For the rams alone you are looking at a 20 long. Pairs need their space to get away from Eachother, and so that the other fish have room to get away when they start breeding.

    Glowlights are ok in a 10 gallon, but would appreciate larger.

    Serpaes are active a very feisty. A 20 long is best for them as well.

    What type of killi do you have?
  6. soltarianknightFishlore VIPMember

    I would keep neither DG nor Rams in such a small tank. If kept alone serpae can do in a 20 long but if you want to add other fish you should go with a 29 for them.
  7. fishlover123456New MemberMember

    if you want to get more fish get a bigger tank you are on the brink of overstock

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