Fish Brutally Ate Moth??

  1. Katreno101

    Katreno101 Valued Member Member

    So as I had my lid off my 55 gal getting ready to drop some fish flakes and this poor moth flew into the water and before I could do anything m, my community tankmates went savage and brutally tore the thing apart and ate it. What do I do? Are there options for live food I can feed them? Cause they seemed to enjoy the stimulation.
  2. Bradley Moles

    Bradley Moles Valued Member Member

    Looked it up and no insects are harmful to them and they actually love them. Threw a mayfly in mine last night and the blue acara, blood parrot, and zebra loach fought over it. My brother breeds feeder guppies in a smaller tank to give his fish.
  3. midna

    midna Well Known Member Member

    depending on the fish, you can feed them live brine shrimp, daphnia, wingless fruit flies, black worms, mosquito larva, feeder fry (like guppy fry), and lots of other stuff. poor moth!