Fish baby sitting fish!

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    bowcrazy Well Known Member Member

    I recently had to leave town for a few days because my mother got sick. I had to quickly find someone to watch over my fish and feed them while I was gone. The person that normally takes care of my fish was unable to help me because he was going out of town himself so I had to find someone else. After some thinking I remembered a lady who has fish and has offered to help me in the past so I gave her a call. She agreed to help me out so I left her to care for them after a quick introduction to my tanks.

    Once I got on the road I started thinking about what I did. I left my fish in the care of a lady with the last name of Fish. I started laughing and had to call her back to see if she realized that I left a Fish caring for my fish.

    When I returned home she said it was the easies babysitting job she ever had. Being the good fish-keeper I am I had to feed the fish, all of them, I rushed out and bought her a gift certificate to a local restaurant for taking care of my fish.
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    :;laughing life is too funny sometimes.

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    Hahahhaha, that's so ironic! :;laughing
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    That's really funny!

    My band director's last name is Fisher, but everyone calls him Fish, so whenever I say something like "I have a whole room at my house dedicated to fish" I get some really weird looks.
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    Nice one, Dillion.
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    lol gotta love irony.