55 Gallon Tank Fish at top

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I am having a problem with my fish staying at the top of my aquarium.

I have been researching what could be the cause and I am still confused.

Last week I found my filter had pushed itself out of the water again and half the bacteria traps were dry so I figured that they were dead.

I put a few of the media pieces from the filter on my 10 gallon in there to help repopulate.

I tested this morning and came up with 0's across the board.

I did a water change and thourough vaccuming last night before work and they seemed better.

Could it be an aeration issue? I have my water level just low enough that it shoots bubbles to the bottom of the tank.

Or have the bacteria not had enough time to cope with the load? x
If you don't actually specify in your post the size of the tank, many people will not know which tank you are talking about. The little prefix you used does not get transposed to your post, and apperently no one pays attention to it anyways

So all the cichlids in your 55 are all at the surface? Are they gasping?
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It's harder to see a larger tank from a smaller one.
By any chance do you have anything in the tank that's not made specifically for aquarium use?
How often are you vacuuming?
Are the fish being bullied. Stress can cause them to hang out at the top.
Zeros across the board because you lost your cycle, or because you have live plants?
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A Sneaky Fatman
Sorry was busy doing water changes and cleaning tanks

My bad on the tank Jaysee

Yes they were all at the top

No I don't have anything in there not specifically for aquarium use

Ususally about once a week with my 50% water changes, twice if really dirty throught the week

No I haven't noticed any specific bullying other than size wise, (bigger chases smaller but gives up almost immediately, usually only when approached around claimed territory)

I have a piece of driftwood with a live plant attached and the plant is as nice as it could look right now, I'm assuming because of the extra fish poo on the bottom

It could be because I lost the cycle as well, I added a water polishing pad from my overstocked 20 as well when cleaning

Right now they are actively looking for new spaces ,since I rearrange the tank to keep spaces open, so I can clean easier in the future

I think it got everything answered in order.
If you have zero nitrates, I would stop doing the vacuum until they start to register. If you do weekly 50% water changes, maybe do 30% until you see some nitrates.

I would closely monitor the numbers over the next few days and see if anything starts to register.
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A Sneaky Fatman
I recently got one of the JEBO 838 canisters off ebay for 60$.

Would putting that on there help at this point or hurt?

Will be keeping my Aquaclear on there til I feel it has had enough time to establish properly.

The reason I ask is because it is supposed to be here tomorrow. ;D

It will be my first canister filter and I'm anxious to see how they work up close.

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