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Other than fish what other organism(s) interests you enough to add to your tank?

  1. snail

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  2. shrimp

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  3. crayfish

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  4. lobster

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  5. eel

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  6. none

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  1. Jayson Initiate Member

    I really enjoy watching my shrimp and snails. Don't get me wrong my fish are awesome, but the crawling lifeforms inhabiting the floor adds a whole new dimension to my 30 g.

    I'm not 100% sure if eels are actually sold for hobbyists, but I remember spotting some in a pet store.

    Jason S.
  2. dahly Member Member

    I need some snails to stir the sand of my Multi tank. They'll also help as a clean up crew.
  3. atmmachine816 Fishlore VIP Member

    gosh how does anybody like snails? i got a 30 galon tank from my grandpa wen he died and it had snails in it and they took over it was a pain to get rid of them. now my tanks looks so much better with out them
  4. Jason Well Known Member Member

    They are probably the pest snails the something or rather cant remember the name but there are good snails which don't takeover and are good as cleaners
  5. dano569 Member Member

    i have a couple of ghost shrimp in my 20.they are cool to watch,never had an eel though.that would be cool. 8)
  6. RoboDude Member Member

    yea, i like snails, but i LOVE shrimp! :D
  7. RoboDude Member Member

    And the edible kind are pretty good too! ;D
  8. beckers4oranges Member Member

    i have a crab...and he is a little BASt**d...he ate a some of my baby angel fish...i saw him! lol...does anyone want him???
  9. newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    I'll take him--crabs rock ;D
  10. beckers4oranges Member Member

    where do you live?
  11. newbie101 Well Known Member Member

    minnesnowta hehehe