Fish And Plants Dying

  1. Outlaw10 Initiate Member

    First post here.
    I had a 125 gal aquarium with sand substrate and Live plants and healthy fish. We built a new house and I didn't want the hassle of moving the whole set up, so I bought a new 125 tank. I wanted my plants to grow better so I used a base layer of fluorite and then covered with Eco complete. I transferred 50% of my existing tank water to the new tank and moved the bulk of the plants. I bought a new canister filter because I knew I could move everything at the same time. I waited two weeks then moved the majority of the fish. The tank started to go through a mini cycle. (I was hoping it wouldn't with the BB in the Eco complete and moving the live plants. Ammonia went up to .25 seen .5 one day Nitrite .25 and Nitrate went to around 50. The tank started to get a haze I assume from the growing BB. For the most part the fish seemed fine then a few started hanging out near the top. Then I started to have a few guppies, neons die each day. So I hurried up and moved the rest of the fish and brought the canister filter that was on the established tank and installed it on the New tank. By the next day the haze was gone. I am at about week 5 of the new tank being set up and fish continue to die. Some seem to have bladder issues and either sink or float before they die, some don't seem to have any issues. Last night I noticed my clown loach was acting strange today I get home and he was dead covered in a white slim (I have never seen this slime before)

    All the plants seem to be severely melted with know new growth. I use 10mm of metricide 14 each day.

    All the corys seem fine, BN pleco seems fine Amano shrimp seem fine, Kuhli loaches seem fine

    Most guppies seem to be staying near the surface. Neon schooling and seem ok but seem to have one die every few days. I would guess around 20 fish and died in the last few weeks

    I did add a few new fish they seem fine. I have my UV light on incase of parasites.

    Please give me some advice this is getting really frustrating.
  2. Outlaw10 Initiate Member

    I tried to add pictures but it says the file is to big. Not sure what to do
  3. Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    How many water changes, how often, and how much water are you removing? I personally think adding ferts every day is a bit over kill and you might get some nasty algae problems since your plants are dying back.
    Are you running any CO2 or just the ferts?
  4. Outlaw10 Initiate Member

    I was trying not to do water changes until I knew the mini cycle was complete. I didn't want to prolong it. But once fish started having issues I have done about 10% water changes weekly.

    No Co2

    I did a lot of reading last night. I didn't realize nitrates could do much but after reading it seams like maybe the fish are being poisoned by the nitrates? Non of them ended up bending though.
  5. Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    Understandable. If you weren't doing a fish in cycle you could avoid the water changes but since this tank isn't mature yet, you'll want to stick to small water changes until the cycle is complete. Try keeping your nitrates below 40ppm for freshwater
  6. Outlaw10 Initiate Member

    What do you suppose the slime was on the clown loach about? I noticed this morning that 2 crawfish and 2 shrimp died. I used to use excel and never had issues with the invertebrates. Wonder if the metricide killed the invertebrates? I had issues with the fish before I switched.
  7. Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    The slime could be:
    1) extra mucus the coach produced due to agree or illness
    2) a disease such as velvet/fungus/etc
    3) the fishes body decaying

    Given that two inverts died, I would rule out option two, so it's most likely extra mucus the fish produced or decay of its body
  8. Outlaw10 Initiate Member

    Now one of the neon tetras has a red eye like its full of blood. More shrimp died and a few more are hazy looking. From past experiences once they get a hazy look it's only a few days until they die.

    Ammonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 50ish
    PH 7.4
    Temp is higher than I try to keep it. It is as 81. I changed my T8 lights to brigher /More LEDs and they must be warming up the tank.
    Before I got set up the new tank I checked my levels in my old tank and the nitrates were around this.
  9. Discusluv Well Known Member Member

    Sounds like the fish are suffering from ammonia/nitrite toxicity due to cycling issue.
    I would recommend stopping the dosing of all ferts and metricide and concentrate on keeping your levels safe for your remaining fish and inverts.
    The 15% water changes are inadequate to do this, would suggest larger volume water changes daily of at least 50-75% depending on what your latest water testing results show.
    The body slime is an indication of the high levels of ammonia and/or nitrites irritating the fish's tissues. Many times the fish die from the irreparable harm these levels do to the gills- that is why they gasp at surface of the water column.
  10. Outlaw10 Initiate Member

    What I don't get is .5 is the highest I have seen in the nitrites and .25 in ammonia. The guppies are hanging out at the top but aren't gasping for air.

    I did a thorough cleaning of the filter today to remove all decaying matter to help with nitrates.

    I guess I'll do more/bigger water changes
  11. Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    Make sure you don't use tap water yo clean your filter or you'll kill all your beneficial bacteria, making matter worse
  12. Outlaw10 Initiate Member

    I rinsed with aquarium water and what was really stuck hosed off with house water. I don't have twin town water. I appreciate the advice. I only serviced the original filter and not the second one that was installed 5 weeks ago.

    Is there somewhere where I can look up how to upload pictures. It keeps saying "file to large"
  13. California L33 Well Known Member Member

    Had the same problem- if you're on a PC you can use a free app like Irfanview to resize the pictures.
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  15. leftswerve Well Known Member Member

    The water supply was the same at both houses?
  16. Outlaw10 Initiate Member

    Yes same water. We lived in an apartment above my garage and then built the house beside garage. Same well water.

    Thanks for the help. I'll try to get some pictures up tomorrow when I have more time to try it.
  17. Outlaw10 Initiate Member

    I didn't get a chance to figure out how to upload pictures yet.

    My water has been good since Monday 0 ammonia 0 nitrites 10 nitrates. I did 30-50% water chances up then to get the nitrates down.

    However I still keep loosing fish. Lost 3 more guppies and 3 neons and 2 shrimp since then. No one has been at the surface gasping. The shrimp get cloudy looking instead of clear and the fish just act lazy and start just floating around in the current and end up dying a few hrs later. Is this from the tank having the mini cycle? Keep in mind by ammonia and nitrite never got above .5. I have been testing daily. Thanks for the replies.
  18. Outlaw10 Initiate Member

    Still looking for advise. Lost three more fish and and 3 more shrimp. All the shrimp have turned white except for one so I am assuming they will continue to die. All the glow light tetras have been fine until now. One of them turned white like the shrimp and died. Plants still dying. Very little new growth.

    Ph 7.6
    Ammonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 15
    Temp 80
  19. Fashooga Well Known Member Member

    It looks like your water parameters are good. I wonder if it's possible that a fish got sick in this whole process and when it died it infected other fish, like TB.

    Perhaps there is an outbreak in the tank. Do the fish look like they lost a lot of weight?
  20. VioletSS Member Member

    I don't have advice - but I'm so sorry your tank is having this issue.