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    Here is my story, so I went to my lfs and saw that they had marble sailfin plecos, I really wanted one so I asked if I could have one. The woman said sure and went to get and they had 3, I asked for the light colored one that was super thin, she was shocked but got it anyway, I treated it and it is gorgeous now, please share yours and pics aswell, does is when it was bought and second is now

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    I was at my local fish shop when I saw this comet with a huge lump on his head. I asked to have that specific fish, to which the member of staff where surprised by. They gave it to me discounted because 'no one wants a deformed fish and it would just spend its life in a show tank'. After many months, the lump has started to fall off. It was a pretty graphic site but it has cleared up slightly! He has got a large white mark where the lump was but he seems a lot better. I don't have any pictures of what it was like before but hopefully attached should be what he looks like now. Apologies for the bad photo, he loves to swim around the tank.[​IMG]

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    I rescued 4 common goldfish from a friend who had them in a 5 gallon and I bought a betta with ripped fins.
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    I hope he heals up good, great story
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    I'm not too sure if this counts, but I picked up a baby golden albino axolotl last year that was extrmely malnourished, kept in tropical temperatures, and hardly had any gills. As soon as I got him home he started to chow down on a couple blood worms. Unfortunately, he was far too skinny to recover and passed away three days later.
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    I can add to this, tonight I just got four goldfish that were kept in a ten gallon (they are in surprisingly good health, two of them are "carnival" goldfish the sons won). Their mom was trying to get them into a pond
    (even had one option from their sister, but *and i quote* "Her son shouted out 'hey there are two fish alive in here!' while they were attempting to dredge/clean the pond)
    so she could stop having to clean as much as goldies are messy.
    I figured they would fit in with my other goldies in their pond (110 gallon until larger is built so they can winter over in it) and took them in (I was at petco debating if i wanted to get electric blue rams that were obviously trying to pair and I normally try and help people when I am there, most people think i work there and the employees are willing to let me scoop out fish as long as I am careful not to break anything lol).
    They are currently inside so I can watch them, but they will go out into the pond tomorrow. (They are from three inches to five inches in size, all are common comets).
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    Good show,
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    That counts, at least you tried

    I feel like goldfish are the most abused
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    I went to my local petshop, im on good terms with poeple there.. Anyways. The fish section guy told me they had gotten wild bettas in stock and pointed them out to me.

    They were all kept in tiny bowls, and were extremely stressed out.

    Fast forward 2 weeks later. I came back and surprise they were still alive. I decided to take one back. It was tiny and brown.. Dint even try to swim in its bowl. I asked the guy how much for it.

    He said something along the lines of "i got them for about the same price as regular bettas, today i can sell it to you 5$"

    And so the tiny betta went home with me. Where i discovered i dint bring home a betta splendens but another species.. Its doing great and coloring up~

    Im also starting to think its a girl because of a potential eggspot.


  11. OP

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    Nice story, I hope she does well
  12. GlamCrab

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    So far she is doing great! Ever since she discovered my live plants she spends most of her day in them. She does come out and swims around.

    She ate micro pellets on day 2 (my biggest worry was feeding her)
  13. Bruxes and Bubbles

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    A while back, I was at a Walmart that has fish. When we go I always arrange the cups so they're not stacked on top of each other. I saw a really cute female betta, but was 50/50 on if I wanted to get her. When my parents and I were about to leave, I went to see her one last time and I saw a family looking at fishbowls. They lifted the female betta up and were gushing over how cute she was. Then they put her down and walked away to grab some dog food before they got the fishbowl and fish.

    ...Needless to say, she came home with me and is very happy in her divided 10 gallon tank. XD
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    That's good, Wal-Mart does not take care of treir fish