First Time With Ich, How Would You Treat This Tank (shrimp, Moss Balls)?


I woke up this morning and observed a few white dots on a couple of my wild green neons' fins. These were not there last night! I'm assuming ich.

It's my first time with ich! I have a 10 gallon fully cycled moderately planted tank with:

3 male endlers
1 small honey gourami
5 green neons
6? Red cherry shrimp
Moss balls
Crypts/swords/anubias/bacopa/cyperus grass

Parameters this morning were:
pH: 7.8
Ammonia= 0 (my apI test always looks slightly green 0.25 but was told this is common?)
Nitrite =0
Nitrate=10-20 (I can never tell difference)
KH= 4°
GH= 9°

I know neons like lower pH but my tap is 1° KH which I thought was too low so I added a small piece of cuttlebone to my filter and KH and GH shot up. My pH went up too, surprise, surprise. Did the stress of rising pH cause my neons to contract ich?

Anyhow ... I have inverts so meds can hurt them and I have moss balls so high temps can hurt them and I have plants so salt can hurt them ... what would you do to treat?


Find something to put the shrimp and moss balls in for a few days, raise the temp to 86. That's all you need to do
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nikm128 said:
Find something to put the shrimp and moss balls in for a few days, raise the temp to 86. That's all you need to do
Thanks. Can the shrimp and moss balls carry ick? So can I reinfect the tank by putting them back in?


I'm not sure, just give the moss balls a good rinse. Shrimp can't be infected by ich, but they can still carry it. Keep them separate for a few weeks (This is what I meant to say, not a few days) at the warmest safe temperature and you should be all clear.
For the main tank, do 86 degrees for 3-5 days. Most ich strains can't actually survive that temp, but that's quite toasty for the fish too which is why you should only do it for a few days. After you heat treat, you can do a followup salt treatment if you want to

Sarcasm Included

The moss balls could carry trophonts that will hatch the parasite, just keep it out of the tank a couple weeks.
Ich is a parasite that has to be introduced to the tank, unlike many bacteria that are frequently present all the time. While stress makes it easier to attach to the fish, it will still attach to perfectly healthy fish.


My ember tetras had ich a few months back and I treated with Ich-x, higher heat and gravel vacs everyday. I had 4 Amono shrimp in there while treating and they all didn’t seem to be bother by it.


Ich is annoying. I had it hit my tank a while ago. I don't have shrimp. As others said, take them out and keep them separate with the moss balls.

I had a lot of success treating with Paraguard. It is not a go-to med, there are others that specifically target Ich. But it's mild and is safe for plants. I have cories, so I wasn't able to raise the temperature, but once I got my act together and started treatment I didn't lose any fish. I did lose one at the beginning, but he was the first to show the signs and I didn't understand it was Ich at first.

I did a LOT of water changes while treating Ich. I heavily vacuumed the substrate and did water changes every other day and used Paraguard daily per the instructions. My theory is that with each water change I was removing some of the free swimming parasite, and the Paraguard was killing some of it as well.Vacuuming was also getting up some of the trophonts. After all, when in doubt, water change, right? After a few days the spots started going away, but I treated for a week after with Paraguard for about 21 days, then stopped that and continued with water changes every couple days for another week or so. I didn't lose any other fish.

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