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First Time Stocking Help

  1. EagleDrake13

    EagleDrake13 New Member Member

    This is my first aquarium and I was wondering if this list was alright. It will be a 65 gallon planted tank and I am hoping it looks nice.

    3x pearl gourami
    6x Khuli Loaches
    8x platys
    2x bn plecos
    12x Cardinal Tetras

    Are there maybe any shrimp or snails I could put in here as well?
  2. kettlekorn13

    kettlekorn13 Valued Member Member

    This sounds good for me except that you might get some aggression between the three pearl gourami.


  3. RainBetta

    RainBetta Valued Member Member

    Yep. Good list just make sure you don't get 2 male gouramis
  4. OP

    EagleDrake13 New Member Member

    what genders should I get then?
  5. spike98

    spike98 Valued Member Member

    I believe the ratio is 2 females for every 1 male. It help keep the male from focusing on one female and 2 males will result in a territorial war.
  6. RainBetta

    RainBetta Valued Member Member

    Yep I agree
  7. PatientStars

    PatientStars Valued Member Member

    You could easily do mystery snails. They do produce a lot of waste, but they are constantly on the glass cleaning. Nerites are also a good option, though they wouldn't get as big.