First time prego

  1. B

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    I puchased a new tank today (10gal) and two new mollies! Anyways that lady at the petstore said theres a great chance the female is pregnant. Ill be going out in a few days to buy a breeding tank (whatever its called) This will be the first time ill have babie. I also think one of my guppies is pregnant. Much larger than usual. Hopefully not, that will be too many babies. So im just wondering what else should I do for the babies? Yay babies!! Lol the petstore lady insisted I have a pregnant fish (lol)

  2. OP

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    alright I did some reading on the site (which I should have done first lol) I found out almost everything I need to know. Except for what I do before the babies are born?

  3. Butterfly

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    Just feed the adults well ;) Live bearers need some veggies in their diet so a good veggie flake would be a good once a day feeding.