First Time Platy Fry!

  1. Lcarr727

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    I just wanted to share a picture...Its my first time (as an adult) having fry and I'm super excited about it...Momma gave birth sooner that I thought she would...She was pregnant when I got her 2 1/2 weeks ago and she did not look big or squared off yet so I thought i had another week or so, but I came home last night and surprise-there were 2 fry in the tank. I have since moved them to a smaller tank. I'm not sure if she is going to have more or these are the only 2 that survived getting eaten....Her belly doesn't really look any smaller. I do have another female in the tank but her belly has not grown at all and ive had her almost a month and there is a male so I know its just a matter of time before I will have tons of fry (I have 3 females). This Momma-a sunset wagtail was in a tank with a few different varities of Platys, so I have no idea what the male looked like. I own a Red Wagtail Male, Reg Wagtail Female, Sunset Wagtail Female and possibly a Green Lantern/Blue Mickey Mouse Female, so I will have some colorful fry in the future!

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  2. jmaldo

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    Congratulations, I started with 3 female and 1 male. Now have 7. (3 newest , 2 about 1.5 months and 1 about 3 weeks to early to tell the sex) Expect more.
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    I was so undecided about if I just wanted to leave them in the tank and if they survived great, if not then no big deal (because I knew more would be along soon), but when I saw them pop out from the plant, I couldn't leave them in there. I made some fry accommodations to my main tank-added bushy plants, added a floating plant, built a little rock cave from some river rock that the adults cannot fit into and put a mesh bag over the filter intake so they wouldn't get sucked in