First time molly breeder. Need help identifying possible pregnant molly.

Discussion in 'Molly' started by prowlsgurl, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. prowlsgurl

    prowlsgurlNew MemberMember

    A few days ago I brought home a few mollies, 2 of which were girls. One of the females was slightly larger, but was still normal looking compared to her previous tank mates. That one is a gold molly and I am kinda excited if she is pregnant. I'm not sure if I have identified the gravid spot correctly or mistaken it for some dark internal organ. Her behavior is basically very active, usually zipping around the aquarium and nudging at my other female. She sucks on some algae since I am waiting for the food to come in the next couple of day. :Last night she did drop some whitish-stringy feces and I returned to the petshop today to discuss it. They said it might have something to do with the pregnancy or just being stressed from the new I am at a loss as a first-time breeder. Is she ready yet? Anyways sorry for the bad quality, hope it's alright.



  2. Shawnie

    ShawnieFishlore LegendMember

    welcome to fishlore!!! :)

    She doesn't look quite ready yet...She still needs a bit more squaring off in her belly....Just make sure plenty of hiding spots for the fry and patience :) Good Luck
  3. kimoore

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    I think its her insides youre seeing right now. However, she does look prego. Give her like 2 weeks. She should start to square off and in some cases, may become a little territorial, but nothing you will have to worry about. If you havent already, i would suggest getting some floating plants, (living or fake, your call.) Or possibly a breeder net to hold the fry you can catch. According to your post title, you are new to mollies. I dont know if you have much experience with liverbearers, but she and her fellow tank mates will more than likely eat the fry if you dont have enough hidding places. I would'nt put the prego female in a breeder box, you more than likely will end up with zero babies, because there wont be enough room and she will eat them, and, because she is probably still stressed from the move from the pet store to your house, she could abort the pregnancy. Also, female Mollies can hold onto semen and she may continue to have babies for the next 3 months, even without a male in the tank. Livebearers are prolific breeders. If you are planning on raising and selling the babies, I would also suggest setting up a fry tank with a sponge filter. Good luck with you fry, keep us posted.
  4. OP

    prowlsgurlNew MemberMember


    Thanks again! I am aware of how many babies they produce and have 2 ten gallons set up. I'm investing money just in case it will be needed. I have a breeder just in case and was planning on letting her birth in the actual tank and either putting the babies one by one in there as I see them or plop them in a big 10 gallon tank. I am going to start cycling the new 10 gallon tank as soon as I can. I'm very relieved that she is far off. If she isn't pregnant now, odds are her and the other female might be later on so I'll go ahead and get that tank started ahead of time. Thanks! Oh and I do have floating plants in the tank too. :)

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