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First-time Guppy Owner, Is My Guppy Pregnant? Among Other Questions.

  1. ShadowNova New Member Member

    (This is my first time posting on Fish lore, so please excuse any mistakes I may have made in the etiquette or manner I posted if improper)
    Hey Fishlore members :). So recently I decided I wanted a new small pet, and after doing nearly a month's worth of research on them, I decided African Dwarf Frogs would be perfect for me. I bought the tank, set it up, cycled it. But when I went to my local fish shop, they were out of AFD. And no stores around me sell them in the winter (and trust me, there are a lot of pet stores where I live, I live in NYC). I saw they had some guppies, so I decided to research them a bit and come back a few days later to buy some. Which is really weird for someone like me to do, since I prefer to do MONTHS worth of research on any animal before I get them, even small fish. But I was so desperate to put something in my tank, I just did four days worth of research . Anyways, after a few days I went back and bought two female guppies. ( I didn't want to buy more since I have never owned guppies before, only bettas. I wanted to wait a few more weeks of having them before getting more.) Anyway, the two females I got, Shadow and Nova, were kept in a tank with males at the store, but the store owner said they were extremely young and were babies. I stupidly believed him. But after doing some more research, I think both my girls are over four months, way over the sexual maturity age. I know if kept with males, over the age of maturity, female guppies will inevitably become pregnant. I checked out both my females and I'm afraid one of them, Shadow, is pregnant. She has a boxy shape and appears to have a gravid spot. As I mentioned, I'm completely new to owning guppies and would definitely not be able to care for the fry. Nor would I want to leave the fry in the tank to get eaten either. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but does it look like she's pregnant? I'll upload an image. Thank you so much guys!
    (I know she is pooing in the photo, but this is the best one I took. I apologize!)

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  2. F

    FishCareGuide Valued Member Member

    Welcome to fishlore! I know guppies can breed extremely easily. So I think she quite possibly is pregnant. Also, correct me if I'm wrong but I heard stringy poop is an unhealthy sign and that looks like it.

  3. HUGEPurplePuppy Valued Member Member

    Stringy poop can be a sign of parasites, but it also could be a sign of constipation and your guppy may be bloated because of that. Or it’s pregnant.
  4. ShadowNova New Member Member

    Thanks HUGEPurplePuppy and FishCareGuide. What are the signs and symptoms of a fish affected by parasites? Now not only am I worried she's pregnant, but worried she may have parasites. Also, I just went to check on them, and she has white fluff on her. And it wasnt there earlier today. I'm afraid it might be columnaris or something. What should I do? Both have been eating fine and swimming happily. But Idk. Thanks.
  5. ShadowNova New Member Member

    White fluff

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  6. MrFluffie Valued Member Member

    I Think she’s pregnant. I accidently bought a pregnant guppy and I was able to find a fish keeper to take her in and he knew how to take care of her fry.
  7. ShadowNova New Member Member

    Hey guys, thanks for everyone's help. But unfortunately, last night, the white fluff quickly spread to the other side of her body with tiny red dots. I knew right away that it HAD to be columnaris. She slowly stopped swimming and began swimming at the bottom of the tank. I immediately put her in a separate tank with salt. I kept her there overnight, and this morning I found she had passed away. Mind you, her first symptoms didn't even start to show until the middle of the afternoon yesterday and now she's no longer alive. I'm so sad. Why did the columnaris spread so fast? The water was at the right quality it should be. And I can't go out to purchase anything because we're in the middle of a blizzard. Even my school is closed today. What should I do? Do I do a 50% water change and add some salt in the main tank? The other fish that's in there seems fine and is swimming.
  8. F

    FishCareGuide Valued Member Member

    Do a water change to stop possible problems spreading. I found white fluff too on a past platy I had and said to myself what the heck is this. It immediately passed away.
  9. ShadowNova New Member Member

    How much percentage water change should I do? And should I get new fish tomorrow or wait a few days? Because my single guppy seems very stressed being in a tank alone, the two fish were always together. Thanks.
  10. F

    FishCareGuide Valued Member Member

    I learned a lesson from excessively buying unhealthy platies (ones with stringy poop and clamped fins) that kept dying: I'm never buying from my local PetSmart again. If I were you I wouldn't buy from that store if you plan to buy again. I think you should do a 50% change.
  11. ShadowNova New Member Member

    I did the 50% water change. And I definitely won't be purchasing more fish from that store. When I was purchasing the fish, the guy at the register whispered to me "Make sure you keep your receipt." which is really weird to tell someone who only bought two small fish. It's like he knew the fish wouldn't last or something. I'm gonna get some new fish elsewhere in a few days. Thanks for all your help!
  12. Gekco Well Known Member Member

    If you can purchase fish from a local fish store, typically the chain stores don't take care of their fish. The smaller fish stores seem to be much better at taking care of their fish.

    If you get female guppies they can stay pregnant for quite some time, I believe it's typically 21-30 days. If you want to be able to control your fish population I would recommend getting ONLY male guppies. This way if you only get males they won't breed out of control, speaking from experience.

    Considering a fish has died I would keep doing 30-50% water changes every few days for at least 2 weeks.
  13. ShadowNova New Member Member

    That's exactly what I was thinking. The problem is, if I just get male guppies, I wouldn't want get rid of my female. And yeah I'll definitely go to a local small shop.
  14. ShadowNova New Member Member

    Okay guys, now my second guppy has columnaris. I woke up this morning and went to her tank to feed her and I saw she has the white fluff on her. And I was just gonna go out an pick up some more guppies for my tank, but after seeing this I decided not to. I don't understand how she got it if I did a 50% water change and took out the first fish when she first showed signs of the fluff. What should I do? Are there any experts you guys can tag that can help me with this problem? If she dies, I'd be too afraid to purchase more guppies in fear they'll contract the disease too. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Should I do a bigger water change? Should I wash all the ordaments and gravel in the tank? Sorry for all the questions, but it's just that none of my bettas ever had problems like this and I'm new to guppies. Thanks