First-time Betta Build

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by Iridium_2256, Apr 14, 2018.

  1. Iridium_2256

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    So, In a week or 2 there i'm gonna have more space in my room and i have decided I want a planted betta tank. I already have a 5 gallon tank and top, and I will be picking up a small submersible filter and a small heater. I'm planning to get one of the shorter fin varieties like a wine red. Any advice on what plants to get, substrate to use, or just some tips?

    Much appreciated!
  2. DutchAquarium

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    For my wild bettas, i always put aponogeton in the aquarium for them. it's still a small plant in width, but gives you the height you want. Your probably going with black water also which is what i do for my wild bettas. Put in some low light plants. You can't miss with java fern.
  3. heybrittany

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    I really like anubias and the sponge filter I just put in my five gallon. Snails and moss balls are cool too, I like netrites the most. Edited to say maybe avoid sand as bettas sometimes eat it. Black substrate always looks nice in a planted tank and makes everything really pop.
  4. SFGiantsGuy

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    I concur with DutchAquarium: All he'll likely need is a couple of moss balls and a Java Fern or two. And maybe something else for extra stimulation. I actually have one blue, baby double-tail male who's "imprinting" quite well with about 2, 3 month old Platy fry. They all "school" in a mini-trio/clique and they're all friends!!! lol (but he doesn't seem to care about the SAE's though heh)