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Hey everyone. My wife has been wanting a salt tank forever, and I'm finally gonna turn my old fresh 20 into a salt tank to start out and get the hang of things. If things go as planned, we may eventually turn my 125 into a full reef tank, but I'm starting small lol.

She would love corals, but how hard would they be? Any special light we'd need?

We aren't going to start with live rock unless we should?

She was planning on 2 clowns and maybe a shrimp to start off with.

She can get DI water for free at her job, so that should save us some money.

I'll be doing some reading through here, but any tips you guys have on starting a 20g small fish only, or fish with corals would be great. Thank you!
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This is the thing with saltwater aquarium. Fowlr can be easier to set up. But if you want corals plan the tank for corals. Buying lights and equipment for fish only just to upgrade will be a waste imo.

1- corals can be hard. Lps and soft corals are a little easier. Yes you need high output lights for corals but the listed above can be fine with lower light.
2- dry rock can be used for a tank. It's cheaper no hitchhikers but less bacteria and diversity. I choose dry rock
3- di water make sure it is 0tds water or you may get issue in long run.
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