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First Tank

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by Mrfister1116, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Mrfister1116New MemberMember

    took a big leap and bought a drag tank set up off fb marketplace for $200
    Been up and running for a couple months by the previous owner

    Lots of tiny starfish two hermit crabs a black fish I believe he said was a damsel and so much coral. I’m in love

    So I’ve got to buy a test kit salt and some ro water, anything else I should have on the must buy soon list?
    I’ll be adding some dry rock I already have and some live sand, getting rid of the rack and stacking the rock soon... then I’d like to get a red blenny and 1 maybe 2 clowns for it... eventually an anemone when I’m a bit more confident in keeping things alive

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  2. AquaPhilNJNew MemberMember

    Not totally sure what you have right now, perhaps only an aquarium and light. Depending on the size you may need skimmer $200. If that dead rock comes in the mail and isn't totally dead, maybe it sinks some, then bleach (1:9 ratio bleach to water) it and rise with sink water, then dry outside; process probably only take 2-3 days.

    Hood/Canopy $45 (optional)
    Heater $25
    Siphon $16.00 (for cleaning)
    Sand $50.00
    Temperature controller $60.00 (because heaters fail)
    Large Bucket $7.00
    powerhead : $110
    Salinity Refractometer $24.00
    Reef test kit $40.00
    Dead rock $140.00 (for 50 lbs.)
    ATO & small pump $150
    RO/DI machine $220 (optional)
    Salt $60

  3. Mrfister1116New MemberMember

    I figured I’d need a powerhead when I started stacking live rock instead of the rack
    It came with some cycled bio media, that I’m going to add to, and a heater it has a small Refugium space I will probably try and utilize too
    I would like to find a hood for it for evaporations sake.... looked like jbj just had one that covered the back filter compartment

    On a side note, besides posting tons of pictures here to identify my corals .....
    is there a good site for reference with pictures of different soft corals? I know all mine are soft and I’ve seen them at pet stores but I’d like to research specific needs on them past the generic basic soft coral care I have right now?

    Just because these beauties opened back up at some point over the night after their move.

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  4. stella1979ModeratorModerator Member

    Hmm, idk of a coral reference by picture site, but you're certainly welcome to post pics here and we'll do our best to help. So far, I see that you've got Green Star Polyps opening up for you. In the 2nd pic, at the front, you have a very angry (not unusual after a transfer) and/or possibly dead LPS coral (LPS = large polyp stony, so, not a softie.) All I can see is its skeleton, so ID is tough, and I'm unsure if it's still 'meaty' inside. FYI, for ID pictures, it's best to take the pics without very heavy blue lighting.

    Please post more pics.:) I like a good coral ID post.:D
  5. ryanrModeratorModerator Member

    Hiya, Try here:  

    Though the above is not by picture. The Marine Aquarium Society of Aus has a pretty decent list   which can help to identify by picture.
  6. Mrfister1116New MemberMember

    Thanks, I’ll check those out

    Awesome thanks, I believe the second a dead stony frag was reused for another of those green star polyps just a much smaller one I’ll take a better picture tomorrow
  7. Mrfister1116New MemberMember

    While I have you experienced people looking, and I’m literally timing paint drying at work ahha, I had an equipment question
    As is its set up as more a frank tank but I’m going to be removing the rack and making it a shallow reef tank, as such I’m assuming I’ll be wanting a power head.
    It’s a 20g frag tank with a 265gph return pump on it so I’m assuming I really only have 200-250gph to play with before it’s over powered on flow... is this correct? I really only seem to be finding one Hydor rated at 240gph and a fluval that’s 265gph ... I’d really like to do two small ones as what I’m reading has me a bit worried about dead spots. Are there some 100gph wave makers or is it just the fountain pumps in that range?

    Also are there any shallow water skimmers out there? I am not finding anything short enough to work without it being in the main tank
  8. Mrfister1116New MemberMember

    For reference I was thinking of one of these two .... maybe start with one and go to two of the jebao if needed since it’s got the controller

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  9. Mrfister1116New MemberMember

    So these are the coral it came with

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