First Salt tank help + stocking sort of

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    Howdy friends, I've been in the hobby for a few shirt years keeping freshwater fish. I recently have been considering dabbling in saltwater tanks. I came across a really good deal for an entire setup. I'm just wondering on some basic things. It's a 100gal acrylic tank

    I've seen a lot of things about large gross parasitic worms living in the sand and stuff. How common is that? Would a barebottom prevent that?

    What are some colorful hardy easy to care for fish? I really like wrasses, blennies, and triggerfish. But I want a pleasant safe community tank. I'd also would like things from around the Philippines.

    Any tips anyone might have

    Also what exactly does a chiller do? I mean I get that it chills but what for?

    I had saltwater tanks when I was really little and it was my job to take care of it and we had it for around 5 years before we moved but I don't remember a lot from it. I should mention I have absolutely no intention in having corals. I don't plan on keeping any venomous fish either.

    Thanks so much for any responses -Liz
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    Bumping this up for you
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    From what in understand, as long as you clean your live rock, then that shouldn't be a problem. I assume that a bare bottom would prevent it, but you should be cleaning your sand as well.

    Can't help with fish :(

    With some of the lighting required for keeping corals, the lighting fixtures produce a lot of heat. If you choose to run some types of lights, a chiller will be needed to cool the water down again.

    I might can help with any other questions you have!