First Real Plant Help

  1. erin3270 Initiate Member

    I got my first real plant today. I have only one layer of gravel. Is there any ideas I can use to help myake my plants stay at the bottom?
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    what kinds of plant is it? some plants can be strapped to rocks and logs, or a med rock then covered in gravel. there are some that are supposed to float too.
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    The tube it came in says:
    Live Aquatic Plant
    12'' Umbrella plant
    Spathiphyllum Wallisii
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    Ahh! So I practically wasted 15 dollars??? I read they are good for Angelfish so thats why I got it. I was hping it could be at the bottom. Darn. Well thanks!
  6. Butterfly Moderator Moderator Member

    That is not a true aquatic plant. Sorry. It's related to the peace lily.
  7. erin3270 Initiate Member

    For future sake... How can I get my future aquatic plants to sink?
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  9. Nutter Fishlore VIP Member

    How deep is the gravel in your tank? You need at least 2inches, preferably 3, of substrate material to have a planted tank. Also what is the particle size of your gravel? If the gravel is too large, it leaves large gaps between each grain & the roots can have a hard time getting a grip. Either a substrate that is not deep enough or has too big of a particle size can cause plants to float back to the surface. To be honest I have never had to weigh a plant down yet, even with very light substrate material like ecocomplete & I've had almost as many plants over the years as I've had fish.

    Here's a link to an aquatic plant database that may help you out with your plant selection in the future: