First Problem, Long Stringy Poop

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by FeralGoldfishOwner, Apr 7, 2017.

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    Moving two fish in a few hours out of a 20 gal (being cycled for first time) into a cycled 200 gallon. Move imminent. 9" comet and 2" common.

    Just noticed something. A string of poop at least 9 inches long, brown, wasn't there half an hour ago. Didn't see it hanging on fish, just there suddenly. Had to come from the 9", too big for the 2".

    Googled a bit before posting. Parasites, diet change, stress, etc, impossible to definitively diagnose at moment. Could be resolution to constipation (hoping), they've only been there a week, and the 9" has had a 100% natural diet till now, been on API goldfish flakes since being here. Natural diet means whatever he could eat in his old metal stock tank outdoors (algae insects etc). Radical diet change.

    Any chance this is just a diet thing? Both being moved in hours no matter what it is, as tank being cycled for the first time now (beginner figuring it out learning curve long story why fish are here but being moved).

    Once they are moved it will be impossible to observe anything with any detail, the new (old) home is an unfiltered unoxygenated metal stock tank that will be quite murky, and they both shift to a natural diet (whatever they find to eat basically). This arrangement worked for five years for the 9", he's just going home.

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    Could be parasites. Is the poop white?

    For feeding I feed my goldfish froxen bloodworms, frozen daphnia, freeze dried tubifex, boiled egg, boiled peas and other vegetables, algae wafers, pellets and flakes. Just feeding flakes isn't a good idea.
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    The poop is all brown, none is white, same color as the previous "healthy" poop, just way longer. In a few hours they'll be eating whatever happens to be in the 200 gal outdoor stock tank, there'll be no human involvement after that. The 9" fed himself for 5 years that way. The old tank had horses watering at it, the new location will have both a horse and goats watering from it. :)
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    Hmmm might just be normal goldfish poop. They do poop a lot! If it was parasites I would expect white poop.
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    Not sure the old stock tank setup is ideal, I know your fish survived in there but isn't there a way for you to feed them & provide oxygen etc.?
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    That's a big poop! I am certainly not a goldfish expert, I'm just talking about diet issues. When animals are in the wild or need to find their own food they eat what they need, they do not overeat. When in captivity they do not need to worry about how much they eat because there is an endless supply of it. If I were to travel to outside of my area and eat a whole new diet, drink all different water, I would most likely poop all different poop. I doubt this is anything other than a diet problem. Like I said, I'm not a goldfish person though.
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    I agree it isn't ideal! Just trying to figure out how to get electricity to it's new location, so a water heater for winter can be installed without the goats messing with the electrical cord is going to be a challenge. It gets WAY below freezing, and the tank will be the horse and goats water supply, so that HAS to happen. Food, I think will solve itself, oxygenation is out of the question.

    I also have a 4000 gallon 12 koi pond to worry about, that's the main attraction at this ranch. (My filtration system for that is insane, quite proud of it.) That there'll also be a goldfish in with the goats is a bizarre extra, lol.

    That's what i thought too, thanks for the hopefuls. :)