First Platys And Newbie Stocking Question


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I just purchased my first platys last week (3 girls), and I unfortunately lost one yesterday . In retrospect, I think that I missed some signs that she wasn't completely healthy at the fish store. I think she probably died of stress, as my other 2 look healthy. Now I just have the 2 platys, and they seem to be doing great. They are voracious eaters, and they are almost always together.

Anyway, my original stocking plan was to add the 3 platys, then next time I go to the fish store (the platys will have been in my tank for at least 2 weeks at this point), I would get 3 thick lipped gouramis. I had planned on buying all of them at once, to minimize aggression, but I am worried that adding 3 fish when my tank now only has 2 will be a problem for the beneficial bacteria. I don't want to get the thicklips separately, as this could lead to aggression. The other fish I plan to get are more sensitive, and I only want to add them after the tank has been running a bit longer. Any suggestions?

Here is my current plan (the honeys gouramis are stand ins for thicklips):


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I agree with your idea. From what i've heard you should slowly add fish. You can double the amount of fish you have every 2 weeks. But never more than 3 at a time. This of course applies to fish with normal or large bioloads such as the gouramis and not your neon tetras. You are free to add all 3 gouramis in at once but you must be careful with the ammonia and nitrite. You might want to be careful mixing community fish with cichlids. If you do make sure there are plenty of hiding spots.

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