First Platy Fry

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by tokiodreamy, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. tokiodreamyWell Known MemberMember

    So during my water change today I surprisingly saw my first baby platy! I was shocked since my female platy never looked pregnant. My males looked more pregnant lol.

    I only saw 1 baby platy so I quickly scooped em on up and into the hanging breeder. Its an old net breeder and I placed some hornwort in it for the baby so it won't be as stressed.

    My questions are:

    1. Food. Do i make a flake paste? Do I get hikari first bites? Suggestions?
    2. It's in my main tank since all QT are full. I don't need to add another bubbler do I?
    3. I've seen people talk about doing daily water changes with fry. The tank is cycled, do I still need to do daily or can I stick to weekly?

    Any other advice is appreciated!!

    Hard to get a photo since it's in a net breeder.

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  2. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    1. Crushed flakes are fine.

    2. No need for another bubbler.

    3. Weekly is fine. Your fry has been around for a while if it's that big.
  3. tokiodreamyWell Known MemberMember

    Really?? It must have been hiding in the hornwort or something. Mind you that pleco is maybe 1.5-2in.
    I would guess that the baby is maybe around 3/8 in?
  4. lindsey29New MemberMember

    Ah its so exciting i had my first platy fry a month ago, i managed to save 6 i kept them in a fry net in my main tank and just carried on with twice weekly water changes (my tanks over stocked currently cycling a 14g)i put sum java moss in with them to hide and fed them crushed flakes, there doing great at the min ive just moved them to a small 3 gallon tank to have more space untill my 14g is finished cycling.
    there mum is due again any day and im letting nature take its course this time imageimageimage
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  5. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    The fact that you can easily see it and it's coloration means it's not a new born :)
  6. tokiodreamyWell Known MemberMember

    That makes perfect sense. I've only ever had baby shrimp and never any fish so I'm kind of excited about it! I have been meaning to rehome either my 2 males or my 1 female but I'll rehome whichever gender this baby is not. Since I would like to keep the baby :)
    Can I sex it at this age? The fins are clear but i think it looks like a girl.

    With a baby this old, do you think the female can still have babies from the same group? Or is it too late? Mind you I never knew she was even pregnant lol.
  7. tokiodreamyWell Known MemberMember


    The blurry pic is the female on the right.
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  8. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    I'm not sure if it's big enough to sex yet.

    And I don't quite understand your other question. Do you mean if the mother can still have babies? She can have babies for another 6-12 months after being separated from males.
  9. tokiodreamyWell Known MemberMember

    Sorry let me clarify. I do know they can have babies after they've been separated from the males. I know there's usually more babies in a batch, so I'm asking if this fry is the only one who managed to survive or is it possible for the mom to only give birth to 1 and might be still pregnant with the rest from that batch? I only have 3 platy, 2 black phantom tetras and 1 BN pleco. 29g heavily planted. I hope nature didn't take course here.

    Also when do they get their color? Trying to figure out how old this little one is. A few days? Few weeks? A month?!
  10. TexasDomerFishlore LegendMember

    I doubt she only gave birth to one at a time and that one happened to survive. This one is older, so I would assume that the next fry will be from another reproductive cycle.

    Sorry, I'm not great with aging other than knowing that that one isn't a newborn.

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