First Aquascaped Tank, Trying Dry Start Method For Mc Carpet

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    So I’m starting a new tank with my Waterbox 10, and trying out an aquascape with a Bonsai Driftwood I got a hold of. This would be my first proper aquascaped tank and I’m giving the dry start method a go for my Monte Carlo carpet. I’m mainly doing the dry-start so that when I add the water the MC won’t float up. Anyways I have some questions about how to go about things.

    I’ve started by planting the MC and spraying water until there’s a little puddle at the front of the tank (bottom of the slope). Then I’ve glad-wrapped the top of the tank, so its been humid with a lot of condensation occurring. It’s been 5 days and I’ve also just noticed a lot of spider-webbish fungus on my Bonsai.

    1. How dry/wet should the tank be?

    2. Should the tank be covered or not?

    3. How long of lighting period should I have?
    I’ve currently got it at 5 hours day (for the aquarium light). However ambient room lighting is on for much longer, would this affect the tank?

    I’m just asking because I have read conflicting information over whether or not the tank should be covered or how wet it should be.

    Here's a picture of the tank.


    (I had started a thread in the Driftwood section with a question directly related to the fungus on my Bonsai. I figured I had some more newbie questions about my tank and the dry start method in general so I started this one in this more appropriate category.)

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    Welcome to Fishlore, lovely ‘scaping there that tree is fabulous :)
    Hope our planted members can help you with the carpet care today
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    Take out the wood and cook it... - but you may be late with it... if you see the fungus, it's already everywhere. It is the problem with dry-starting, I could never do it.

    But never had trouble planting MC and growing a carpet of it under water. You have to take apart the original bunch, as small pieces as you can, and plant them one by one. It will take a long time, but it will worth it!

    You need to use small grain soil. I have experience with the ADA and Fluval ones, the trick is to have the soil under water for at least a day while frequently stirring the surface to release air bubbles - then your plants will stay in it. Do not use a lot of flow for the beginning, and also I would avoid bottom dwellers for couple weeks.