Firemouth Or Electric Blue Acara Question

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by HDavid, Mar 31, 2019.

  1. HDavid Valued Member Member

    I have a 120g planted tank with various schooling fish and 4 (dollar coin sized) angelfish. I want to add a final medium/large fish to the tank that would stand out and the two mentioned above are the o my ones I could think that might work. I have found mixed reviews online about fish compatibility but I think keeping it solitaire in this large tank would help displace it’s aggression. I’m just looking for a second opinion if you think it would work, which one of the two would be better, or if there is a better fish that I may have missed. On a side note I would be getting a small fish that would grow into the tank rather than a full grown adult.

  2. Fishdad85 Valued Member Member

    Bolivian rams or kribensis cichlid spring to mind for a hardy and colorful fish that would go well with your Angel's but of the two I'd think the electric blue would be a good fit too

  3. Lovecich Valued Member Member

    I have an electric blue in my cichlid/tetra 56g and he gets bullied by the other fish more than he's the bully. His coloring is so silvery-blue and turquoise and he shimmers! One of my favorites!
    He gets along fine with my angel.
  4. HDavid Valued Member Member

    I actually have both in there, but they don’t get very big. I’m looking for something in the 6 inch area.
  5. Fishdad85 Valued Member Member

    Then I'd go with the electric blue, he will make a great addition to your tank
  6. SuperD14 Valued Member Member

    Electric blue for sure!! Not very ahhressive
  7. mperkins21 Valued Member Member

    I recommend a EBA for sure, i have one and i absolutely love him, he chases my finger and very interactive, just watch out for plants because mine literally hits its head against them till they float up to the top but i think hes just a snot:shifty:
  8. CCinBama Valued Member Member

    I think I am in love with ny EB acara. Only had him 4 weeks and he is definitely my favorite. (Don’t tell my Sev). He scurries to greet me every time he sees me. He’s like a little tiny wet puppy LOL and he gets along with everyone in the tank, a sev, a geo, angels, Cories, and dithers. Highly recommend!

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