Firemouth in African cichlid tank


I know some people don't agree with putting American cichlids with African cichlids so I'd like to hear everyone's experiences with doing this. I follow a bunch of people on Instagram who keep mixed tanks successfully and was wondering if I should try. My (what I'm assuming female) firemouth has been stressed out in all of my american tanks (3)... I've tried her with a bunch of different fish as well as in her own tank... then got her a male to see if that helped... I've done so much research on the internet and changed her environment... nothing I do works. The male firemouth is holding his own in the tank though. I currently have them both in a 55 gal with the fish that the female firemouth grew up with (this tank will be upgraded to 90 gal in few weeks!). A male green terror and a female convict. The tank has plenty of hiding spots and water parameters are always perfect (water tested often). So I'd like to try both the firemouth in with the Africans which is a 75 gallon tank with: (most are still small)
1x M yellowtail acei
2x F red zebra (‍they are orange)
1x M peacock (largest in tank currently)
1x F peacock
1x F black cichlid
1x Nimbochromis venustus/giraffe hap
1x M electric yellow
1x F electric yellow
1x F Kennyi
1x 8 in synodontis catfish


I keep mixed Cichlids as well. Mostly because I couldn't let go of some of my African Cichlids when I switched over to American Cichlids. The only problem I had was my Jack Dempsey killed my Red Shoulder Peacock. But other than that, they're fine together. Also you have to consider diet as well. American Cichlids eat a protein based diet. You can get away with feeding just a high quality pellet food to the American Firemouth Cichlid, but you have Mbuna in the 75, and they can't tolerate a high protein diet long term. Peacocks and Haps can have more of a protein based diet as they feed on crustaceans and other smaller Cichlids in the wild.



I usually don’t recommend it, unless the tank is really big. I have gone against the norm and decided to mix cichlids in my 250g one being a male Firemouth with electric yellows. Your main concern would be diet and making sure the tank accepts the new fish and don’t just bully them till they die right from the beginning.

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