Firemouth help


Having a hard time deciding what to do with my firemouth. I want to keep her but I won't be selfish if I can't get her to be happy soon.

I have three choices.

A) keep her in the tank she grew up in with most of the fish she grew up with. Female firemouth (the one I'm having issues with), a male firemouth (I recently got to pair up with her and hopefully help her be happier), male green terror, female convict, and 5 roseline barbs. They are currently in a 55 gallon but it's being upgraded to 90 next week. So for this option I would just add more firemouth, some geophagus, and an electric blue acara.

B) Try both my male and female firemouth in my 75 gallon African cichlid tank which has the following fish: (most are still small)
1x M yellowtail acei
2x F red zebra (‍they are orange)
1x M peacock (largest in tank currently)
1x F peacock
1x F black cichlid
1x Nimbochromis venustus/giraffe hap
1x M electric yellow
1x F electric yellow
1x F Kennyi
1x 8 in synodontis catfish

C) take my female firemouth to my LFS and get a different fish. I don't want to do this. I really like this fish. I've had her almost a year.


I'm not sure.. I would just say, keep her.


Leave the pair in the 55 and move everyone else.
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SixThreeOh said:
Leave the pair in the 55 and move everyone else.
I can't do that I need to take down tanks. I have 4 currently. I want two. So I'm upgrading and selling the rest.


Choice A

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