Firemouth Eggs Again!


Hi! I mentioned in a forum I made about a fish auction I went to that I came home to find more firemouth cichlid eggs, but I didn't say much about it. Anyway, this was a large surprise because I honestly didn't think they would breed again for quite some time. They wern't showing much breeding activity and I didn't see them making a nest so I figured they were done for a while. Anyway after the eggs I pieced everything together. Lately the other fish have been not going into the corner where the firemouth has laid the eggs (the fish are protecting there nest), The gravel WAS dug out I just didn't notice because there wasn't much gravel to dig out. I am surprised I haven't noticed before this but I am exited to try this again. I only have 1 baby left from the last bunch (that is actually doing really well), and I am hoping I can keep more alive this time around
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Congrats on the spawn hope they’re more successful raising some fry this time
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