Firemouth Cichlids 90 Gallon Tank

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    I have a 90L tropical tank with two Firemouth Cichlids, 3 similar sized silver sharks, 1 similar sized plec & several tetras. One of the Cichlids is slightly larger than the other & lighter in colour and appears to be a bit of a bully, but only to the darker cichlid, which accordingly hides. Any advice? I have kept Tiger Oscars for a number of years but never in a pair, and never had trouble apart from the usual 'moving of furniture' :0)

    Thank you!
  2. platy ben

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    I would have to say this aggression is due to over stocking.
    The silver sharks I assume are bala sharks, and 3 would need atleast a 120G tank full grown.
    Fire mouths shouldnt be kept in anything less than 30G.

    A 120G tank is 450L.

    Being in such a small tank your fish don't have enough room to make territories.
  3. Nutter

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    Welcome to Fishlore Angie. :;hi2

    I agree with Platy Ben. Your tank is too small for all of the fish that are in it. The Firemouth fights are probably over territory. It also sound like you may have two male Firemouths which will make the problem even worse.
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    Hi to both of you!!

    Thanks for the info, don't you just love it when you get really 'good' advice from pet shops!! lol!

    Thanks again