Firemouth Cichlid Wrigglers

Discussion in 'Breeding Fish' started by Jason93, Apr 15, 2017.

  1. Jason93Valued MemberMember

    Hi everyone I've lurked around for a while and was hoping some one could advise me on my wigglers. I spawned two firemouths they laid on the 5th of this month I moved what I could on the 9th to a breeder box (this is cause of the two Juvie BN that are in the same tank) by this time they were wrigglers.
    Basically I have a tank set up ready to go perviously housed corys. Can I move the wigglers to the tank only thing in there is snails il add a pic all the chemistry is the same but the tank temp is 24-24.4 and the tank they spawned in is 25.4. Thanks in advance

  2. Jason93Valued MemberMember

    Tank size is 30x18x15 inches sorry bout the messy wires been meaning to "rewire" the room
  3. plecofanaticNew MemberMember

    That would be perfect for your wigglers. Just make sure there is no filter intake for them to be Su ked into. Also take some water from the main tank and add it to the fry tank. Good luck!
  4. yukondogWell Known MemberMember

    I normally fill my fry tank with water from the parent tank that way they don't go into shock, I'm about to do the same thing with about 30 or so krib fry hatched 13 days ago, if you think your wires look bad you should see mine.
    On the intake for the filter I cover it with a piece of pantyhose I barrow/swipe from the wife.
  5. Jason93Valued MemberMember

    Only run a sponge in that tank. I counted 30 odds when they were still egg form but unfortunately only seems ten were good good idea with water shall move tomorrow after water change. My wires are always on my never ending list of to do
    Thanks for the replies here's a pic of the wee guys

  6. Jason93Valued MemberMember

    Ok unexpected situation I added the firemouth fry and all have been looking good but this morning something caught my eye a larger fry zooming along the back of the tank after further inspection seems to be a peppered cory (it was their tank before hand) it is a bit bigger than the cichlid fry. Basically will the cichlid fry be ok in there with the cory fry?

    View attachment 305724
  7. plecofanaticNew MemberMember

  8. Jason93Valued MemberMember

    Great thanks for the reply
  9. plecofanaticNew MemberMember

    No problem man.

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