Firemouth and convict. What are they doing

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    That's definitely fighting. How large is your tank? It looks a bit small for all those large fish. Also you may want to be careful keeping a Blackskirt Tetra and Angelfish with those other fish. They are much more docile than their tankmates.

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    I wouldnt want to be the Firemouth in that video. It is being challenged and overpowered. Hopefully it won't be bitten but it doesn't look good for the long term.

    That's the problem with cichlids, they all want to be the boss.
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    My tetra was one of three and after a year he is the last one left. But usually no one touches him. And my angelfish is the boss no one ever messes with him. Him and my tiger Oscar are the best of friends. And my firemouth usually does the same thing to my convict so I'm so confused. Guess I'll just have to keep and eye on them.

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    Yes, good luck managing these little rascals!