Fire Bellied Newts 10 Gallon Tank

Discussion in 'Amphibians' started by blusshed, Jul 18, 2014.

  1. blusshed

    blusshedWell Known MemberMember

    My hubby and I we're both considering getting 2-4 fire bellied newts for our 10gal aquarium, as he has had them as a kid, and loves them, and he wants our son to share the same love (probably because he loves my axolotls so much, he's jealous :p).

    So here I am to ask you all what the best substrate, temp, plants, rocks, wood, etc for them would be! I would rather see tanks (if any of you are owners!) and hear personal experiences instead of reading the same conflicting information on the web countless times... And I know you guys are awesome, so I'd rather get the info from people I can trust on this forum!

    I appreciate it!

  2. Adam55

    Adam55Well Known MemberMember

    Oh, fire bellies! I had those as a kid also. I hadn't thought about my newts in years. Anyway, you might want a 20 if you will be getting 3 or 4 of them. They need some dry land, gravel that they can't ingest, cool water, a filter that creates little current, and will do best if their tank is by your AC vents. The cool water is a big one for them. Some people use floating objects for the land portion of the tank but mine had a hard time getting up on top of it. I built them a beach, much like you would make for a mini crab habitat.
  3. OP

    blusshedWell Known MemberMember

    Would 2-3 be better for the 10?

    I have a 20gal long and stand, with a glass, and/or screen lid with a latch, but it has a slow leak on one side, so we would either:
    a) have to re-silicone it, or
    b) ignore it and use that side as land LOL.
    My husband is a perfectionist, so re-siliconing it is, but it'd be a while, and we wanted them soon, since it's the first time we've seen them at the LFS in MONTHS...

    I'd have to see which lid would work out best. I'm assuming the screen, and I could do a USB fan for a cooler, order it all at once on Amazon, since I need to do the same for the axxies...

    We have 2 reptile filters, with spray bar options, not sure the specs, but they're powerful enough to keep a 75gal with 2 baby gators crystal clear, and they can be extremely weak as well. Good settings on those things, or we have a 10gal Tetra Whisper filter... So, depending on how deep we have the water in either tank...

    I would do sand and large rocks... Would that be okay? I love the look of sand, and I would just get some play sand... We have the large rocks, I soak them for a few days, my aquarium, and my axolotls have them, all different types. So, if they don't harm fish, snails, or axolotls, I can't imagine them hurting a newt!

    I'm also really obsessive with how my tanks look, so would the newts climb on drift wood? Or do they only need the sand/rock kind of slope effect?

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