Fins growing back?

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Julians tail is almost grown completly after his bout with finrot. but the fin under his belly is crooked at the end. I don't know if it will ever grow back completly. He is still very ragged looking, I miss the beautiful betta I bought months ago.
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I know how you's the same with Rusty, his tail fin still looks raggedy and yet he seems healthy and happy, he's blown at least one bubble nest in the last week though he was shocked and disappointed when the snail ate some and I had to finish cleaning the tank. but yeah, I'm not sure if it will take a long time or what.
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They do take a long time and I wish I could tell you that they always go back to 100% normal, but that would not be the truth. The plain fact is that the fins will probably never be as beautiful as they were, but they will be probably nearly as long. They do sometimes "pale" out some and other times look a little like scar tissue in the webs. This happens more with light colored bettas. But the darker colored bettas do have the same problem with the misshapen fins at times. We will hope that the webbing grows back strong so that they will not be as vulnerable to the disease.

Sorry to be the wet blanket.

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well at least he is lively, I have seen too many boring bettas that just want to float in place for hours. He is like a kid with ADD
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lol. Julian sounds interesting. Rusty now and then almost seems to be sulking in the back corner behind the sword plant, but he might just be resting. Other times he is puttering about. I am still not happy about the tail fin thing. His fins always were a little raggedy, to be honest, and I think there might have been a bit of deformity there.
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I have to agree, it is likely the fin won't completely grow back. My Oto Mist had a bad case of finrot (plus and injury to the tail) quite a while ago, and her tail is still ragged and probably always will be. But your Betta will be perfectly happy, even with a bit of fin missing. It is too bad the fins never grow back as nicely.
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It doesn't change the way we love them any so if they do not mind and we do not feel upset by it, we can all go on being our happy selves. I do really love the fact that this is one of the diseases that if they HAVE to have it they never really know that they are sick. It makes me so sad when they are really sick and know they feel bad.

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Yes, I totally agree. At least they don't really care about having finrot. It is so horrible watching fish suffer or die from diseases...
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this is a somewhat related question. stupidly, I put a rock in my betta Virgil's tank, and he has torn his fin on it. I took out the rock immediately once I saw what I had done, but i'm wondering how long it takes for a betta tail to grow back (as much as it will grow back, anyway). I feel terrible, and i'm using BettaFix once a day in his tank. am I looking at weeks, or months before he heals?
thanks! jill
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A tear is a bit different than finrot and can be very serious and can develop into bacterial infections of the fins very easily. Bettafix is a very weak medication and if your tank is very big (more than a tiny betta bowl) I am afraid it is not adequate to keep him treated. He is at least going to need Melafix (much stronger) to regenerate the fin. Pimafix will also help kill any infection if you see any thinning of the fins around the tear. You are looking at weeks at least I am afraid. Fins regenerate very slowly and they sometimes generate a type of scar tissue that is a bit tissue like and will be thinner than the original fin from then on, but this usuallly only happens on light colored fish.

I hope I have helped and not discouraged you too much, I do hope you come back and let us know how he is doing.

Welcome to Coming here was a joy of my life. I have met many people here that are some of my very best friends. I hope you can stay around and let us get to know you.

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Thank you for your help, it's good to know that Virgil needs stronger medicine. What kind of hidey-holes might I be able to get for them that wouldn't injure their fins? I also have another betta, Doug, who escaped the danger of the sharp rock. So here they are, Doug (blue) and Virgil (red), for everyone to meet. I am pretty new at bettas, but now all I want to do is get more! Alas, the curse of the small apartment, which the fish also share with three guinea pigs. The last picture of Virgil is one I took tonight, that maybe you all can see how serious (or not) his ripped fin is. Enjoy! I've enjoyed looking at the pictures of your beautiful fishes.
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Well, that does look pretty bad. You are going to need to keep the water extremely clean and definitely use Melafix. I would advise increased water changes. Myself having a fish who suffered a tail injury, I would saying you are looking at at least a couple months for recovery if not more. The fin will likely never look as good as it used to. That said, he looks plenty happy and healthy and I don't see any reason why he shouldn't recover just fine as long as you medicate to prevent infection. Watch the fin closely for signs of finrot or other infection. And give him lots of love and tlc.
btw, just wondering, how big are the tanks your Bettas are in, and are they heated, filtered, and lighted? Also what is the average nitrate reading for Virgil's tank?
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Welcome to Doug and Virgil!  You are very handsome young gentlemen.  We are sure that our little fellows and gals are furiously waving their fins in your direction to welcome you now.  They are very good pictures and you are very wise to get the stronger medications as the tear is indeed bad enough that it will take a good while to heal.   I am guessing that the boys are not in heated and filtered tanks from the looks of them??  (Sorry if I am wrong but the one Doug is in looks like a bowl)  I think that it is going to be  hard to put much decoration other than maybe a silk plant or real plant for them in something that size and they do love the silk plants and especially the real plants and they cannot tear fins.  We do encourage 5 gallon heated, filtered tanks for bettas and the difference in the behavior of a betta in a tank that is cycled and heated is unbelievable!  I know about space problems and the very smallest tank that can be heated and filtered safely is 2.5 gallon.  They do make kits of 3 gallons that have everything but the gravel or the heater and you really do not need gravel if you don't want it.  This is something for you to think about and up to you.

I have enjoyed your pictures.  Keep us informed on how Virgil is doing okay?  I worry about all the little ones.

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Both of the boys are in 2.5 gallon tanks (they're different shapes, which is why Doug's looks like a little bowl in the picture - it is definitely not a TINY bowl). Can you get heaters that won't overheat the 2.5 gallon? I do 100% water changes ever 5-6 days, and the water temperature is a little low but does not fluxuate. I've read pages and pages on this site, and I know a lot about the tanks you recommend. I've looked (for HOURS!) at 5 gallon, filtered tanks at the pet stores, but I haven't been able to find anything less than $50, which is ridiculous! I may ask by boyfriend for a tank for Xmas, but he thinks my animal love is out of control and may not want to encourage it I will, however, try and find the stronger medicine for Virgil. His behavior hasn't changed thus far, he's still a happy little fish even with his rip and attacking his food like crazy. I'll keep an update on Virgil (for better or, hopefully not, for worse)....
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You can use 10 watts per gallon so you could use a 25 watt heater in each of the tanks that would be safe. My recommendation would be a Marineland Visi-therm Deluxe or Stealth as they both have Lifetime warranty and are super accurate. Use the Deluxe if the tank is shallow and the Stealth if it is deeper. They can be placed horizontally or vertically and some people actually do install them right at the bottom about 1/2" off the gravel laying sidewise. I just find it hard to adjust the temp that way. The temperature setting is very easy to read on the Deluxe as it is a red stripe on the side, on the Stealth you just have to read the numbers on the top.

In such small tanks I generally make sure that there is a thermometer in use also to make sure they are not overheating. I have never had this happen but I would not want it to be the first time.

If you have a Walmart around they sell the Eclipse Hex 5 system by Marineland (has the tank, light, and bio-wheel filter) for $29.95 and this has been the price at all the stores I have checked so I think it is pretty standard. You just have to add gravel and a heater.

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I just had to add my two cents in on this one. Months ago I had a male and female betta. They were in a two and a half gallon tank with a divider down the middle. They kept making goolie eyes at each other. She seemed to get larger and rounder. Then every time that I walked past their tank the female would be on the same side as the male. It seems that she was a good jumper. My male had made the biggest bubble nest along one side of his tank. It was interesting to see him swim in circles around her and squeeze her. This made her release her eggs which he caught in his mouth and placed into the bubble nest. The female betta died. But the male tended to their nest. One day we saw things wiggling around the tank. They were baby bettas. But all of these died. Then we saw just one which we took away from daddy. He was so cute! If you held a magnifer you him you could see him flare his giles at you. But... he too died. We bought another female betta. She was a big meanie. She would jump the divider and beat the male up. His fins looked terrible. We tried to put something on the top so she could not visit anymore. But she could still get over. One day she beat him up so badly that he had almost no fins left. I thought that he was going to died. He is such a nice fish. I put nov aqua plus ( which has echinacea, vitamins and antI virus protection) and simply betta ( a betta protector) in his water. I kept the tempture of the water at 80. Did a lot of praying. Many months after his fins have grown back. He is just gorgeous. Once I find out how to post a picture I will show you what he looks like.

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River--I am sorry to hear about losing your female. :'( You definitely shouldn't have two Bettas in there if there is any way for them to jump the divider. I am glad your male recovered from his incident though. The male and female are not still in the same tank together right?

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