Finrot Healing And Treatment

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Hi all,
I posted here yesterday to identify whether the ammonia spike in my tank caused fin rot in my fish. I think it did so now my question is whether I should treat the fish (i have blue planet multicure on hand) or just continue as usual and hope the fins heal. Will they heal and regrow on their own if my water levels are good now (ammonia is almost at zero with water changes of 40% every second day and the addition of live plants).
Ive attached some photos of the fish for reference about the rot and to see if anyone thinks it could be anything else. He is acting completely normally and did throughout the ammonia spike however his fins look horrednous an in the past week have rotted away to almost half their original size.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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5 to 10 years
Ammonia places fish under stress.

Stress reduces the fish's natural immune system to parasites and disease.

Problems arise.

The fins will grow back once the fish is out of the stressful condition and it's immune system returns to normal (usually).

Treating a fish that doesn't necessarily need treatment (because it will heal on it's own) ... is stressful to the fish ... so you go right back to the top of the death spiral.

I would take it easy on the fish - keep it in PRISTINE conditions. No ammonia, nitrites ... and keep nitrates even to a bare low. Monitor it to see if it gets better ... if it doesn't ... you may have to treat.
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