Finnex Planted Plus 24/7

  1. Chuck Wheat

    Chuck Wheat Valued Member Member

    I'm looking at the Finnex Planted Plus 24/7 for either a 45g or a 38g tank, both 36" long. I've been reading reviews on Amazon and can't decide if this would be the right light for me. Has anyone out there used it, and what did you think? The complaints I'm reading about is that it quits working in less than a year and the only way to turn it on is by remote, not even a toggle switch on the unit.

    I really like the 24hr light cycle feature, especially since I'm up super late most nights and would like to see some activity in the tank under a "moonlight."

    I want to think that it would be perfect for a low tech heavily planted tank and will last for a long time since its over a hundred bucks. Any other suggestions for a high quality durable light, preferably with the moonlight options available?

    Also, this will be my first light that isn't one of those package deals that came with my 10g. Will I need to get like a glass top hood or something to keep things from jumping out, or what?
  2. Jim

    Jim Well Known Member Member

    Why not try the Finnex "Planted Plus" without the 24/7. I have a few of these and they have been going for more than a year without problems- did I just jinx myself??
    I have 2 Current Satellite with the storms, sun rise and all that stuff but I never use the functions. They are kinda gimmicky although you may like them; we are all different. The Finnex is brighter than the Satellite Planted+
  3. OP
    Chuck Wheat

    Chuck Wheat Valued Member Member

    I know nothing about lighting or reputable brands. Finnex is one of the few that I see regularly.

    On Amazon, the "Planted Plus" is about 10-20 bucks more than the "24/7", and it looked to me that the 24/7 was the newest model. So my thought process was why pay more for an older model, but after reading a little more about them, it looks like the 24/7 has more negative reviews.

    I'll still be searching around. Thanks for the info!