Finnex PF-5

  1. tokiodreamy

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    I originally bought the National Geographic Waterfall Oasis for around $40 during black friday. The filter has given me issues since week 2. Now it is nonstop overflowing and I can't have that at work, so I took a gamble and bought the Finnex PF-5 because I needed something small for this 5g shrimp tank.

    I just got it in the mail via Amazon and so far I'm in love! It's quite small yet way more powerful than I expected. I shoved some of my old media in the filter as well as the included sponge and carbon pack.

    Its super quiet! Which is a huge plus! My only 2 complaints is the media area is small (obviously since this filter is so compact) and the intake tube isn't as long as I would have liked even with the extention attached.

    For size reference thats 2 columns of bioballs by the output.
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    Bumping this up for you
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    Thanks Coradee but no need to bump it up. More of a review of a small HOB for nano tanks for other members.