Finding The Right Lighting For My Tank.

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Nailroth, Apr 22, 2017.

  1. NailrothNew MemberMember

    Hi. I'm going to make my tank into more of a biotope tank and i need the figure out what sort of lighting to get. Now it sits with two t8 fluorescent lights but the light is far to bright for my idea. I want really subdued lighting with a spotlight effect.

    This is what i'm looking for or having 2-3 spots in the tank

    The light used in tank in the image is Beamswork 48" But looking at it it's not easy to get a hold of one. i can order from ebay but it will take anywhere from 5-12 months to arrive.

    What i need to figure out is what sort of strenght i need if it's lumen or watt or what ever so i can look for some led lights that i can diy some fixture for the tank.

    The tank is 45cm or 17.71653543 high.

    If i were to go for the lumen on the lights the image above has, it's 54x - 2500 lumen is it 2500 lumen per light or is it 2500 lumen combined? Then i also don't know if the tank above is 18" high or 24" high, it being a 135 gallon.

    Here is my nano light Boyu CL-2L3 1.5w on the tank i want to figure out the lighting.

    This would work if i could figure out a good way to attach it. As you might see it has a black aluminum border around it same on the top so no were to attach this light + the light is quite expensive about 20$ a piece and i would need 3 of them. I can probably find some normal lights in a hardware store that does the same job for the same as one of those lights and will probably be easy to attach to the wall or the ceiling.

    Do anyone have any idea what to look for to find the right "bulbs" for the job?
  2. Dave125gFishlore LegendMember

    2 or 3 small dome shop lights should work. They come with a clamp on them. I'm guessing this tank won't have live plants in it? If that's the case try some led bulbs with the lowest k rating you can find.
  3. NailrothNew MemberMember

    If any plant would be some sort of floating plants and anubias. I know Anubias can handle the light as i have one in an empty tank with just water. has not had any lights on it for 6 months and the plant i forgot in there still lives on don't grow much but lives, but most likely no plants.

    by K raiting do you mean kelvin? i would want quite high kelvin though for a cool white color. Not a huge fan of hot white. But i might be wrong about kelvin no clue about lights as for my question above
  4. Dave125gFishlore LegendMember

    Yes Kelvin. 6500k is good for most plants its quite bright tho.
  5. NailrothNew MemberMember

    I'm going to visit my local lamp store and see if i can find some good thin lamps that can direct the light in a small beam. But what sort of bulbs do i want? 1055 lumen, 240 lumen, 806 lumen
    Since kelvin is something you can't go by as it decides what color temperature the light will have and not how strong the light will be and if it will penetrate to the bottom.
  6. Dave125gFishlore LegendMember

    This sounds like a trial and error project. I would get a bunch of different bulbs and see what it gives you. Good luck.
  7. allllienWell Known MemberMember

    Most of the newer LED lights have 2 color modes, one bright white, one subdued blue, or you can have a mix of both. You might just have to go and try out a few to see what type of light you want.
  8. NailrothNew MemberMember

    Yeah i'm going to try a led light similar to what King of Diy used on his cheap DIY led light video. Might even be the exact same one just not as long. I hope it's quite bright as you can reduce the light with the controller.

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